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About Nature Lion

Who is Nature Lion?

First off, welcome to our about page. We are thrilled you have taken interest in our company. Nature Lion is a manufacturer and distributor of groundbreaking and innovative health and wellness products.

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What is the vision?

A team of dedicated people who are nothing short of inspirational, who aim to motivate people to live healthier, happier lives.

our customers: who they are

commercial mushroom farm inputs, grain spawn, liquid cultures, and bulk substrate blocks


Our network of over 300 + retail locations. From growing kits to coffees, our retail partners are ready to help serve you.

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You can purchase our products online, on this website. We’re also partnered with Amazon for all your shopping needs.

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Working closely with farmers, we help get you operational. Our grain spawn, and bulk fruiting blocks make it easy.

How it all began

Nature Lion was the inspiration of the Covi-19 crisis. During this time, store shelves we being emptied and our founders saw an opportunity to feed the community in a meaningful and sustainable way.

How It's Going

We’ve grown to serve you. Now offering you a more comprehensive lineup of products, manufactured in house. But also we are committed to sourcing local, sustainable products to make your life better.

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The Founders

Founding Partner & CEO - Andrew Langevin

Andrew is the original founder and main thought leader at Nature Lion. His vision for the future of sustainable agriculture is making waves in your community. People look at Andrew as a person with integrity and passion. He is kind, aware, and a big picture kind of thinker.

“As the founder of Nature Lion I remain true to my goal from the very beginning. To inspire people to get motivated to better their health today, not tomorrow. As a company we are able to do good for our community and over the years that’s exactly the commitment we have put forth.”

  • Andrew Langevin – Founding Partner & CEO

Founding Partner & Advisor - Mikhail Ramtahal

mikhail ramtahal founding partner of nature lion inc

Mikhail is a visionary as much as he is kind and compassionate. He shares in Nature Lion’s vision and his passion led him to become a founding partner. His knowledge of engineering, combined with people skills has helped the company advance in many ways.

“It’s all about spreading awrareness, The fact that I’m passionate means nothing. I want to inspire people to become passionate about themselves. A healthy lifestyle, is the ticket to a long life, and that’s the vision we teach here at Nature Lion”

  • Mikhail Ramtahal – Founding Partner

Founder & Product Developer - Nicole Dipietro

Nicole has been a leader at the company from early on. Her role as product developer has certainly earned her some starts. She is well-known for her sense of taste, without sacrificing health, of course. Being a founder, she is passionate, and shares in Nature Lion’s vision to promote health in a remarkable way.

“I just wanted to make something for myself that tasted so good that you woudn’t want to put it down. My recipes, they come from the heart, I don’t make things to suit the masses. They have to appeal to health conscious customers, and then we know that we have a winner. “

  • Nicole DiPietro – Founding Partner & Product Development

Your Vision

we know you are ready

If you’ve made it this far, you a person who cares about your health – maybe even the health of others. You prefer a natural approach as opposed to a pill popping lifestyle. Your goals probably align with ours, and you are just waiting for an inspiring moment.

find your inspiration

Perhaps you’ve already had that a-ha moment where you decided to start living a healthier life. But if not, you are in search of it, and you are closer than ever before.

take action now

Become a supporter of Nature Lion’s vision, and start living a healthier life right now. We are here for you, and want you to know, it’s the right path to take. Empower yourself and prioritize you health right now.

Support A Worthy Mission

Every Purchase Helps

Help us spread a positive message and make a purchase today. Ever time you do, we get inspired to help even more people.

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