A basic human need that brings us together.

Nature Lion was created to teach others how to grow food. With your well-being in mind we assist you in the process of growing food that enables you to live your best life!

Growing your own food doesn’t have to be labor intensive and unpredictable. We strive to make the process easy as can be, and with repeatable results that you can depend on.

Andrew Langevin - Owner of Nature Lion

The Journey Begins

Andrew Langevin is the creator behind the Nature Lion brand.

Founded in the year 2020 during the height of a global pandemic our goal is to provide people with the knowledge and tools necessary to grow their own nutritious food.

Leading the way to success, Andrew has been a leader among his piers. He is driven by his passion for nature and love for healthy food.

A True Success Story Backed by You

Our project was made possible by people like you who saw our story on Kickstarter.

We successfully raised 114% of our funding goal which allowed us to begin production of our products.

Thank you to all of our backers, without you this would have never been possible!