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Mushroom Growing FAQ

No, you don’t need any type of special environment or growing area to have success growing mushrooms at home. mushrooms will grow in a wide-range of conditions, similar to how they would in nature.

While mushrooms don’t need light to grow they will grow better with ambient light. (not direct sunlight) Find a place in the house that is away from the window and where there is no sun shining on the mushrooms. A little sunshine is okay but it’s best to avoid it if possible.

Yes you can! If you prefer to use artificial lighting for growing mushrooms, led’s or florescent lighting is the best choice. Also, mushrooms prefer a daylight spectrum so if you can find lights in the 5500-6500 kelvin range those work best.

We guarantee at least one successful harvest when you purchase a mushroom grow kit from us. additional harvests are also possible. Some of our customers have reported 3 successful harvests from a single kit.

Not long! Your mushroom grow kit contains living mycelium when you purchase it and will begin to grow within 3 weeks of cutting it open. Some people will see visible signs of growing within the first week while others may not see mushrooms forming until week three.

Contamination can occur occasionally due to competing fungi finding a hospitable environment to grow. Spotting contamination is simple, just look for well-organized clusters that are a different color than the mycelium. Contamination is often bright colored blue, green, orange or yellow and will be quite obvious is present.

You may think the brown spots all over your growing block are contamination but generally speaking they are not. This is simply the substrate we use for growing mushrooms that has stuck to the bag during manufacturing and is not fully taken over by mycelium.

The answer to this question is that it varies. Most people can expect 1/2 – 3/4lb of mushrooms from their first harvest. With an optimal growing conditions you could yield over 1lb on the first harvest and up to 2lbs after a few successful flushes.

For most pets you won’t have an issue growing mushrooms in the house. The kits can be placed just about anywhere so if you have curious pets you should be fine placing them just out of their reach. Edible mushrooms are considered safe to consume if your pets were to nibble away at them.

No, our kits are made with a mixture of natural hardwood and organic soy hulls. We do not use wheat bran like some of the other companies.

Generally twice a day is all that’s needed to get your mushrooms growing. However, if your house is on the dry side it’s a good idea to mist them more often. You can mist up to five times per day in the early stages.


Once your mushrooms begin to grow it’s time to dial back the misting and you should avoid misting the mushrooms directly if possible. Instead try misting around the mushrooms, keeping the box moist will give off some humidity that will help feed the mushrooms as they grow.

A humidity tent is required when growing Lion’s Mane mushrooms. If you are growing this strain you should always use a humidity tent for best results. You can make a simple humidity tent with the clear bag that is provided with your kit.

If your growing Lion’s mane without a humidity tent there is a possibility that it will dry out prematurely and turn yellow/brown. You can revive them by placing the humidity tent over them and keeping the environment humid. Within 24 hours you should see the mushrooms turn around. If they don’t revive themselves you should harvest the fruits and follow the instructions for a 2nd flush.

If you followed the steps for a second harvest it’s important to know that the mycelium takes time to “reset” between crops. Your second harvest won’t come as quickly as the first one did. It can sometimes take 4 weeks before you will see a new growth of mushrooms. So be patient and keep spraying them with water.

You have two options, placing the kit upright or laying on it’s side for the mushrooms to grow upwards. Neither way is wrong and we suggest you try both ways and see which works best for you. If space is an issue, laying the kit on it’s side (so the mushrooms grow up) will save you the most space.

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