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Things To Do For Kids in Canada: Discover Mushrooms

Discover Exciting Things to Do for Kids

In the quest for meaningful and engaging things to do for kids, have you considered the magic of growing mushrooms? It’s a world where curiosity meets nature right in your home. Imagine your child’s fascination as they witness the wonder of growth and life, a far cry from the usual screen-based distractions. As a parent, you’re not just looking for ways to keep your kids busy; you’re seeking opportunities that enrich their minds, connect them to nature, and instill a sense of care for our planet. Mushroom growing with Nature Lion’s kits offers this unique fun, learning, and environmental awareness blend.

Explore this article to the end to discover a world of fun things to do for kids and parents who want to explore the wonderful world of mushrooms in nature.

let your kids explore the Wonders of Mushroom Growing:

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🌱 Mushroom Growing: A Wholesome Adventure for Kids

Why Choose Mushroom Growing for Your Kids?

🍄 Educational & Fun: Mushroom growing is not just a fun thing to do for kids; it’s a journey into nature’s wonders. It teaches kids about life cycles, responsibility, and the environment.

🔍 Boosts Curiosity: Watch your child’s eyes light up with curiosity as they observe mushrooms sprout and flourish!

🤝 Quality Family Time: Grow mushrooms together, creating lasting memories and strengthening family bonds.

🥦 Healthy Eating: Kids are more likely to try foods they’ve grown. Hello, nutritious eating!

Getting Started is Easy!

  1. Choose Your Kit: Buy an easy-to-use mushroom growing kit – perfect for beginners.
  2. Learn Together: Discover different mushroom types and their roles in nature.
  3. Harvest & Enjoy: Experience the joy of harvesting and tasting your home-grown mushrooms.

A Valuable Learning Experience For Children

Mushroom growing at home is just the beginning of an exciting journey into the world of fungi. As your kids develop a fascination for these unique organisms, it naturally leads to the next adventurous step: foraging and mushroom walks. These outdoor activities extend their curiosity beyond the confines of home and offer a fantastic opportunity to explore the great outdoors. Foraging walks provide a hands-on experience identifying mushroom species in their natural habitat, further enriching your children’s understanding and appreciation of nature. Finding natural things to do for kids is the definition of good parenting!

Mushroom Foraging: A Top Thing to Do for Kids in Canada

In the hunt for the best things to do for kids, have you considered the thrill of mushroom foraging? This exciting outdoor activity is not just a walk in the woods; it’s a fascinating exploration into the world of fungi. Mushroom foraging is a perfect blend of adventure and learning, ideal for families seeking to combine fun with educational experiences.

A Canadian Foraging Adventure Awaits:

Discover Nature’s Secrets: Grab a guidebook and lead your kids on a mushroom foraging expedition. It’s a fantastic way to teach them about mushroom species and their natural habitats.

Safety and Respect: Emphasize the importance of safety by only picking mushrooms you can confidently identify. Teach your kids to respect nature by observing more than collecting.

mushroom foraging with kids

Why Mushroom Foraging is Great for Kids:

Educational Fun: Mushroom foraging is an engaging way to learn about the environment. Kids can discover the role of mushrooms in ecosystems, enhancing their knowledge and appreciation of nature. It’s one of those positive things to do for kids and helps connect them with the natural world surrounding us.

Physical Health Benefits: It encourages physical activity, promoting health and well-being. Walking, bending, and exploring are all part of the fun.

Bonding Experience: This activity offers quality family time away from screens, where you can create lasting memories of the beauty of nature.

Mushroom foraging is one of those unique things to do for kids that offers many benefits. It’s an opportunity to engage with the natural world respectfully and educationally, instilling a love for the environment and promoting a healthy, active lifestyle.

Where to go for mushroom walks as a family?

Find mushroom'y things to do for kids in your Province.
mushroom walks map

We also have a detailed guide to foraging mushrooms in Ontario that you should consider reading before you head out. Foraging is just another one of those fun things to do for kids. So no matter where you decide to go, have fun and always be well prepared.

  • Vancouver Mycological Society offers guidance on where and how to pick mushrooms in the BC. More information can be found on their website: Vancouver Mycological Society
  • Outdoor Recreation Council of BC provides details on mushroom foraging and fun things to do for kids. You can explore more on their website: Outdoor Recreation Council of BC.

  • Swallow Tail Culinary Adventures in Vancouver, BC, offers wild foraging experiences, including mushroom foraging and things to do for kids. Learn more at their website: Swallow Tail Culinary Adventures.

  • NatureKidsBC in North Vancouver organizes mushroom walks and activities for kids. Details can be found on their website: NatureKidsBC.

  • The BC Bird Trail offers Moose, Mushrooms and Mud Foraging Tours. You can find more information on their website: The BC Bird Trail.

  • Alberta Mycological Society: This society is a hub for mushroom enthusiasts in Alberta. You can find more details on their website: Alberta Mycological Society
  • From the Wild – Edmonton: They offer two different foraging walks, one in Edmonton’s North Saskatchewan river valley and another in the boreal forest. More information can be found here: From the Wild.

  • Full Circle Adventures – Calgary: This organization has connected people to nature for over 20 years through wild, edible plant walks, hikes, and snowshoe outings. They focus on educating about local edible plants. Learn more on their website: Full Circle Adventures.

  • Club des Mycologues Amateurs de Montréal (French/English) – Montreal: Established in the 1950s, this club promotes the study of fungi. They host events to educate people about mushrooms and organize mushroom-picking excursions in spring and autumn. Learn more about things to do for kids at Club des Mycologues Amateurs de Montréal.

  • Mycoboutique – Le magasin général du champignon (The Mushroom Store)(French/English) – Montreal: A family business specializing in everything related to mushrooms. They host excursions and workshops for anyone interested in mushrooms and mushroom picking. More information can be found here: Mycoboutique.

  • Brian Hogue: Having spent a decade picking and studying Manitoba mushrooms, Brian Hogue shares his knowledge and passion through his Facebook community and foraging walks. More information is available at Wild Manitoba.

Currently, no mushroom walks or foraging excursions are available in the province of Saskatchewan. If you run a mushroom walk or know of one, please email us, and we will add it to the list.

  • Fred Dardenne – Prospect Bay: Offers Wild Foods Excursions, helping reconnect people with nature and understanding nature’s ecosystems. More information can be found here: Fred Dardenne.

  • Nova Scotia Mycological Society: A non-profit society organizing mushroom forays throughout Nova Scotia. More information can be found at: Nova Scotia Mycological Society.

  • (Tina White): Tina White, a Certified Forest Therapy Guide, offers introductions to foraging and wild food tastings, as well as forest bathing walks in Tors Cove, Lamanche, and Pippy Park. Private and custom workshops or adventures are also available. More information:
  • Foray Newfoundland and Labrador – Torbay: A not-for-profit organization conducting amateur mushroom forays throughout the province. Upcoming things to do for kids are listed on their webpage. More details: Foray Newfoundland and Labrador.

Currently, no mushroom walks or foraging excursions are available in the province of New Brunswick. If you run a mushroom walk or know of one, please email us, and we will add it to the list.

Be Active!

Mushroom growing provides a hands-on learning experience about nature’s life cycles, responsibility, and the environment, sparking children’s curiosity and offering quality family time. Moreover, mushroom foraging is an one of those exciting things we can do for our kids and combines adventure with learning, allowing children to explore the great outdoors, learn about mushroom species in their natural habitats, and appreciate nature’s beauty. This transition from indoor growing to outdoor exploration enriches children’s understanding of the natural world, promoting a healthy, active lifestyle and a deeper connection with nature.

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