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An Easy List of Lion’s Mane Medical Studies

What the studies on lion's mane mushrooms are saying

Diving into the fascinating realm of medicinal mushrooms, Lion’s Mane medical studies have surfaced as a beacon of potential in the natural health community. Not just a culinary delight, it’s a mushroom that’s also the subject of some extensive research.

Studies on Lion’s Mane mushrooms have begun to unravel its myriad of health benefits, from enhancing cognitive function to its neuroprotective properties. This research not only sheds light on the traditional uses of Lion’s Mane but also supports its burgeoning reputation with scientific backed research studies..

As we present a complete list of medical studies dedicated to Lion’s Mane, we pave the way for open-minded individuals to explore the empirical evidence behind this natural marvel. Whether you’re a wellness aficionado or a skeptic of nature’s pharmacy, the following compilation promises a thorough insight into the mushroom’s healing potential, backed by rigorous scientific exploration.


🧠 Boosts memory & brain health
🌿 Eases anxiety & mood
❤️ Lowers heart risk
🩸 Aids diabetes management
🔁 Speeds nerve recovery
🛡️ Fights cancer cells
🍲 Enhances gut health

How To Use Lion’s Mane

🍄 Mushroom Powder
Mushroom Coffee
 💧 Mushroom Tinctures
🌱 Mushroom Grow Kits

reduce anxiety and depression

Lion’s mane mushrooms are an effective natural treatment that reduces anxiety and depression symptoms triggered by inflammation.  Research has shown that inflammation plays a role in depression and that anti-inflammatory substances can act as anti-depressants.

study on mice found that lion’s mane can reduce anxiety and depression, suggesting that it could be an effective treatment. Additionally, it has been found to improve hippocampus function and regenerate brain cells. This area of the brain is responsible for emotional stability.

increases heart health

Heart disease can be caused by a number of different factors. Studies on Lion’s mane mushrooms suggest that it can reduce the risk of heart disease. For example, lion’s mane medical studies have shown that this mushroom contains a special compound which decreases the risk of heart attack, stroke, and blood clot formation. A Japanese study found that daily intake of lion’s mane mushroom can reduce triglyceride levels by 27% and that’s good for your heart.

lion's mane medical studies, lions mane medical studies

Lion's mane medical studies on memory

As we age, our memory and cognitive performance declines. Studies about lion’s mane suggest this can be stopped and even reversed thanks to two compounds found in the mushroom. Erinacines and hericenones, two compounds found in lion’s mane that stimulate the growth of brain cells.

A 2019 medical study about lion’s mane found that memory could be improved. This was due to neurogenesis. These mushrooms can also prevent nerve damage that causes Alzheimer’s.

Living with diabetes

Research has found that when lion’s mane mushrooms were given to diabetic mice, blood sugar levels were reduced. Lion’s mane helps to breaks down carbohydrates. This means the body isn’t able to absorb carbs as much, which lowers blood sugar.

Brain Injuries and strokes

By promoting nerve growth, lion’s mane mushrooms can increase recovery times of brain and spinal cord injuries. In fact, research has shown it can reduce recovery time up to 41%. Lion’s mane can be taken to reduce the severity of the damage. A scientific study found that when lion’s mane mushroom was given immediately after a stroke, it reduced brain injury by an incredible 44%. With these types of results, the effect it has on the brain is clear! 

Cancer Fighting Foods

Although more lion’s mane medical studies need to be done on humans, preliminary research look promising. The medicinal mushrooms have unique properties that kill cancer cells.  Lion’s mane research studies have found that when lion’s mane extract is combined with human cancer cells in a test tube, the cancer cells die off faster. These results were found with blood, colon, stomach, and liver cancer cells. Additional research has also found that it can slow the spread of cancer by 69%. 

A lion’s mane medical study conducted on mice with tumors found that lion’s mane was more effective in slowing growth compared to traditional cancer medications

Preventing IBS and IBD outbreaks

Lion’s mane medical studies suggest that those with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) or inflammatory bowl syndrome (IBS) could potentially benefit from lion’s mane mushrooms, which can reduce inflammation and increase digestive health.  

report on lion’s mane published in 2016 stated that the mushroom contains antibacterial activity that improves digestion. Additionally, it can prevent stomach ulcers by inhibiting a bacteria that causes them. One study found that when individuals who ulcerative colitis took a supplement containing lion’s mane mushroom experience a 14% reduction in symptoms.

Unlock the Power of Lion’s Mane

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