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using lion's mane mushroom powder

Tips For Using Lion’s Mane Mushrooms

What are the benefits of using lion's mane powder?

Using lion’s mane is know to be beneficial for your brain and nervous system. Lion’s mane has recently gained a lot of attention for these potential neurological benefits, and there are some great reasons for that. This article suggests that Lion’s Mane Mushrooms can help to improve mental function in people with Alzheimer’s..

When lion’s mane is ground up into a powder it’s a lot easier to use and can make a quick addition into your daily routine. Allowing you to get a brain boosting effect without having to cook and eat pounds, and pounds of lion’s mane. Not that that’s a bad thing either, lion’s mane is a delicious mushroom to cook with too.

Using lion’s mane powder is just a lot more convenient if you are always on the go like I am. Just add a tablespoon of this powder to your daily smoothie to start unlocking the benefits. It’s really that easy, and within a month you should start noticing a positive impact on your mood, but you will also be thinking clearer and have better focus.

how should i be using lion's mane powder?

There are a number of ways you could be using lion’s mane powder. Incorporating this mushroom into your diet doesn’t have to be difficult by any means. That’s why using lion’s mane powder is one of the best and most versatile ways to incorporate this super mushroom into your routine.

In a smoothie

One of my favourite ways to use my lion’s mane powder is by simply adding it to my smoothie, which I make everyday before work. All you need to do is add a tablespoon of the powder while you are blending everything together. It’s simple and it works. By doing it this way you won’t taste any mushrooms but you will still get the benefits.

Brew into a tea

Another really easy way to incorporate lion’s mane into your routine is by making a tea with it. It’s really simple too.. just add a tablespoon of lion’s mane powder to one cup (1 cup) of boiling water. Turn off the heat and allow the tea to steep for 5-7 minutes before straining. To strain the mixture you need a wire mesh strainer and just pour your tea through the strainer into the cup you will be drinking from.

Using lion’s mane in tea-form is a earthy way to ground yourself while enjoying the mushroom (umami) flavours on your tongue. If the mushroom taste isn’t for you don’t worry it’s fairly easy to mask the flavour with your favourite tea blend. When you are steeping your lion’s mane in the hot water add your tea blends at the same time and allow them to steep together.

Feel free to add some honey too, as the lion’s mane and honey work well together for a really earthy and well-balanced experience.

add lion's mane tea in your coffee

Once you have your lion’s mane brewed into a tea you can store it in the fridge to add to other beverages, like coffee for example. If you brew your coffee in a french press try using the lion’s mane tea instead of regular water. Just heat up your tea, add it to the ground coffee and let it brew for the desired amount of time.

The end result is you’ve just added the benefits of lion’s mane into your coffee, and the flavour will be sure to impress. You may be thinking, “what else can I do with my lion’s mane tea?” and that’s a great question. The possibilities are endless and you can substitute the tea anywhere you would be using water.

Other ways of using lion’s mane tea.


  • Use as a base in your next soup, or broth.
  • Add to your smoothies.
  • Mix with fruit juices.
  • Turn it into lion’s mane lemonade and serve chilled.
  • Blend into your daily cup of coffee.

add umami flavour to foods

Umami is a newly discovered flavour that is said to only be found in edible mushrooms. Lion’s mane is no exception and that’s why it makes a great seasoning for cooking with. You can really get creative with it because once it’s a powder it can be easily added to just about any recipe.

You could simply add it to a soup base, that’s an easy way to get the full flavour profile of the lion’s mane too. However you may want to try mixing lion’s mane powder into a pizza dough, or as a garnish on top of roasted potatoes. Now I’m sure you can come up with another way to use it. I’m starting to get hungry myself.

Can i make my own lion's mane powder?

Lion’s mane mushrooms are not commonly found in grocery stores just yet but this magical mushroom is starting to catch on. It’s becoming more readily available to buy fresh at a select few grocery stores near you. If you can manage to find it fresh it will likely be with a high price tag because it’s so rare.

Drying it out and grinding it into a powder can be a lengthy process. But if you want to do that it’s not that difficult and all you need is a food dehydrator (or an oven) and a coffee grinder, or magic bullet type blender. So yes, I’m saying it can be done.

The next thing you will want to consider is the water content and loss factor. When drying out lion’s mane you can expect to lose 90% of the weight during the process. That’s a pretty steep loss and when you are paying upwards of $25 /lb for fresh lion’s mane it can get pretty pricey.

To yield 1 pound of dried powder you would need 10 pounds of fresh lion’s mane.

So that 1 pound of powder is going to cost you $250 plus your time and effort to dry it and grind it into a powder.

Growing lion's mane to grind into a powder

Another option would be growing your own lion’s mane mushrooms with a grow kit. This would be a simple, yet fun way to experience the whole process from start to finish. Certainly, this is the most rewarding approach too.

With a grow kit you can also expect to get multiple harvests and could yield 2-3 pounds over the lifespan of your mushrooms. So this is also a good option if you want to grow and process your own lion’s mane powder at home.

Buying locally sourced lion's mane powder in Canada

Finding a local source for lion’s mane in Canada is not an easy task. Sure you can buy USDA organic lion’s mane on Amazon and around the web. The only issue is that a lot of those mushrooms are imported from China because they are so cheap to produce over there.

That’s where we come into the picture because we know that buying local products is something you want. Our lion’s mane powder is all produced at our urban farm in Brantford, Ontario. We take great pride int the production of your food and we always take the greatest care to ensure you have the best possible products.

Because we are a local producer we also employ people in your community and do our part in supporting the local food chain. A chain that’s important to all of our well-being and happiness in the long term,

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