Retail Sales Representative Job (Farmer’s Markets)

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Job Title: Retail Sales Representative – Seasonal Position (June – October)


Wages: $15 / hour + 10% Commission On Daily Sales Over $500


Location: 25 Campbell St – Unit 2 – Brantford, Ontario


* You will be starting at this location and dispatched to various farmer’s markets in the area.


Work Week: Wednesday – Saturday


Work Hours: 8 hour days – shift time varies.

Job Description

As a retail sales representative of the company, it will be your duty to attend farmer’s markets and sell our products. You will be required to drive a company vehicle to various locations and set up tents, tables, and signage. You will also be collecting various forms of payments from customers.


This is an important role and is for someone who particularly likes talking with people throughout the day. You must also like mushrooms, not just like them, but have a passion for them. Or at least be willing to learn about mushrooms and the various benefits of using them.


Overall, this is a fun job opportunity for someone who enjoys the outdoors, being social and is self-motivated. Since this is a sales position, you will be given incentive to sell as many products as you can by way of a commission on top of your hourly wage.

Job Duties

  • Prepare mushrooms & boxes for the farmer’s market.
  • Monitor product inventory & maintain adequate stock levels.
  • Load & unload the vehicle in a safe manor.
  • Drive a company vehicle safely to various locations.
  • Set up tents, tables, store fixtures and displays.
  • Sell our products to customers at the farmer’s markets.
Skills & Qualifications
  • Safe food handling practices (can provide training)
  • Valid class ‘G’ driver’s license
  • Ability to talk about, research and sell mushrooms in various forms.
  • People person.
  • Works well independently.
  • Sales driven.
  • Ability to lift up to 75 lbs.
  • Can set up a “pop-up” tent by yourself.
How To Apply

Call Andrew 647-449-7396, or email your resume to

retail sales rep job

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