The 3 Benefits of Lion’s Mane Extract & Other Mushroom Tinctures You Should Be Using.

Top 3 Benefits of using lion's mane extract

Lion’s mane extract can be used in powder-form or in a tincture. Mushroom tinctures and powder extracts are an excellent and convenient way to use mushrooms everyday. There are endless benefits that could be discussed but in this brief article we hope to inform you of the main 3 benefits of using lion’s mane extracts.

lion's mane extract can improve memory & cognitive function

In this placebo-controlled trial in Japan a group of 50-80 year old men were given lion’s mane mushroom powder and the powder group showed measurable improvements in cognitive ability over the placebo group. Results like this are remarkable and it draws me to the conclusion that I need to be using more lion’s mane.

Also, in the study they didn’t even use a mushroom extract – which is fine. Both extracts and lion’s mane in it’s natural form (ie. powder) are proving to be useful tools for improving our brain health. It just goes to show you the power that these medicinal mushrooms really have.

Another study with mice showed increased memory recognition and neurogenesis, which means growth of new brain cells. This isn’t the first study either but multiple studies have now confirmed improved memory and neurogenesis in mice. That bodes really well for us humans using lion’s mane extract or powder as a supplement.

it could be beneficial against Alzheimer's

Nerve Growth Factor of NGF is an important factor that’s commonly associated with early Alzheimer’s. The deprivation of NGF leads to inflammation causing a loss of memory which can be quite scary. Supplementing with lion’s mane extract or powder has been evidenced here. Lion’s mane incorporated into one’s diet can increase nerve growth factor and help reduce inflammation and oxidization that contributes to Alzheimer’s disease.

It’s not say that it’s a cure by any means but used as a preventative medicine it could help you fight it off in the long-term. The key here is making it a part of your lifestyle and using it on a regular basis. For your health, preventative measures are always the best solution to future problems. If Alzheimer’s runs in your family you may want to consider lion’s mane extract as a preventative measure to degrading NGF.

It can improve your mood

Lion’s mane extracts have again been tested on mice and show anti-depressant like effects due to the modulation of neurotransmitters. You can read all about it in this study. If you still aren’t convinced I recommend giving it a try if you feel like your mood needs improving in general. It’s a natural approach and it couldn’t hurt you to try it out for a month or two.

If lion’s mane extract can boost your mood it’s a no brainier to start taking it in my opinion. The important thing is to of course test a small amount and get your body used to the extracts, because they are potent. Which also means that they work incredibly well.

Once you use the mushroom extract on a daily basis for 3-4 weeks you will really start to notice a difference in your mood. Some people notice the improved mood right away but for others it takes a bit longer.

what mushroom extracts are good for health?

Reishi Mushrooms

Reishi mushroom is another well-known medicinal mushroom that has been used in Eastern Medicine for centuries. It has many reported used but it’s anti-tumour potential is being widely studied. Reishi also known for being a potent anti-inflammatory and for being an immuno-modulator that helps maintain a healthy immune system.

Turkey Tail Mushrooms

Turkey tail among other mushrooms is also know to be a powerful immuno-modulator. It’s hypothesized that these immune balancing properties contribute to our bodies ability to located and fight off, or slow the growth of tumours. This study Medicinal mushrooms as an attractive new source of natural compounds for future cancer therapy is an interesting look at what Turkey Tail Extract could become as a future natural cancer medication.

Chaga Mushrooms

Chaga mushroom extracts are also very popular for strengthening our immune systems. Like other mushroom extracts they are a powerful immnuo-modulator and can help our bodies fight certain diseases. Research suggests that Chaga’s ability to reduce inflammation could be a potential treatment for Arthritis. 

Mushroom Tinctures vs powders

For many people, lion’s mane extract works really well in addition to their regular routine. Personally I prefer mushroom tinctures over dried powders but that’s just my preference. The reason being is that I like to add mushroom tinctures to my daily smoothies, but sometimes I also just add a few drops into my lemon water. And that’s the beauty of it all – it’s super easy to incorporate into your daily routine.

Mushroom tinctures are more versatile, being a liquid it’s easy to use in almost any way you can imagine. Heck, I know some people that just drop it right on their tongue. Not for me personally, but I don’t notice the flavours of the tinctures when I’m adding it to something I would normally drink anyways. So overall tinctures are just more convenient, and way more versatile.

lion's mane extract vs non-extracted powder

There is a big difference between using a mushroom extract, like a tincture vs a naturally derived lion’s mane powder. Neither is a bad choice but it’s important to understand the differences and know what you are taking.

A mushroom extract is simply that. It’s an extracted solution made from dried mushrooms. It can be bought in powder-form or as a liquid as in a tincture. Mushroom extracts are stronger than if you were to eat the mushrooms themselves. But not all mushroom extracts are the same and there are some differences you should be aware of.

Dual- Extract vs Water Extraction

Dual-extracts are made by extracting the mushrooms once in alcohol, and then again with the hot water extraction method. The reason for doing this is because a hot water bath alone isn’t enough to get all the compounds out of most mushrooms. For some mushrooms hot water extraction is best, but for the majority it’s best to use a dual extracted product.

What is a 9:1 Mushroom extract?

When you see the term 9:1 dual extract it’s simply referring to the concentration ratio of your mushroom extract. For example if you were to use 1g of extracted mushroom powder it would be the same as consuming 9g of the actual dried mushrooms. Neither way is the wrong way, I’d like to make that clear. Some people would rather consume mushrooms in their raw, and natural form while others are looking for a more concentrated dose.

The important thing here is to know what the ratio involves and how much you need to consume. It’s best to follow the instructions on your mushroom extracts and tinctures closely and monitor your results.

Using Lion's Mane Powder

Another more natural approach is to simply use the pure lion’s mane powder in your smoothies. If you are looking for a quick and natural way to get the benefits of lion’s mane – this is it! You can also make a hot water extraction (aka Tea) with your lion’s mane powder and this could be added to a variety of drinks like juice or coffee. It all depends on personal preference really.

If you are a person on the go then you may prefer using mushroom tinctures for their ease of use. But if you are the type of person who likes to use foods in their natural state then using the mushroom powder might be best for you.

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