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mushroom coffee in los angeles

How To Get A Free Sample Of Mushroom Coffee in L.A.

Mushroom Coffee in Los Angeles

To find a good mushroom coffee in Los Angeles is easier said than done. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

In this guide, I’ll give you the skinny on these hip new coffee blends — and why they should be on your radar. Hint: it’s a healthier take on coffee.

If you are living in L.A. you may have noticed that there’s a coffee shop on every corner. But if you are searching for mushroom coffee (like lion’s mane, chaga, turkey tail) then you are going to have to search a little bit harder.

Let us introduce you to SHYNE — the coffee that incorporates functional mushrooms to brighten your day!

A Bold, New Flavour lands in la!

The good news for residents of Los Angeles and surrounding areas is that the bold flavour of Shyne coffee can be delivered to your door. We use UPS or FedEx to ensure your shipment arrives quickly.

If you came to get a free sample there’s a link at the end of this article. Be sure to read the entire article so you can make an informed decision.

What Is Mushroom Coffee?

Simply put, it’s coffee that has been infused with mushrooms. True mushroom coffee always contains actual coffee (instant, or ground) and ours is no exception. Imagine waking up to a morning coffee that gives you a reduced caffeine boost (will talk more on that later) and powers your day with the benefits of mushrooms.

The pairing is almost magical!

What Is Shyne Coffee?

Shyne coffee is a flavorful pairing of organic coffee and functional mushrooms. It’s a bold statement for your mornings — and comes in three different blends.

Each of these blends uniquely pairs coffee with mushrooms. They are all a bit different so I’ll explain them in detail for you.

Lion’s Mane Coffee

By far, our most popular blend. Lion’s mane coffee by Shyne is a bold-tasting coffee that goes down smooth and gives you some amazing benefits. This coffee is packed with flavour and made with all natural ingredients.

Ingredients: Organic instant coffee, cashew milk powder, maple sugar and lion’s mane mushroom extract.

Chaga Coffe

Known for having a naturally delicious, earthy vibe. Chaga mushrooms are foraged from living birch trees and can help energize your cup of coffee in a big way. This smooth-drinking coffee is as aromatic as it is delicious.

Ingredients: Organic instant coffee, coconut milk powder, maple sugar and chaga mushroom extract.

Turkey Tail Coffee

This “Turkish” style coffee is sure to be a hit for your taste buds. It’s got a freshness that can’t be ignored. The true zest of cardamom enhances the tasteful pairing of ingredients to another level.

Ingredients: Organic instant coffee, cashew milk powder, maple sugar, cardamom, and turkey tail mushroom extract.

Where Can I Buy Shyne Mushroom Coffee In Los Angeles?

At the moment – there are no retailers selling Shyne mushroom coffee in los angeles. But that’s expected to change very soon — and that isn’t stopping people from purchasing through our website, either.

The best way to buy Shyne mushroom coffee in L.A. is by going through our website directly. When you purchase it from us you are supporting our farm in a very meaningful way.

See our unique coffee blends below:

I'm JUST Here For The Free Samples

And that’s fine too — there are many people who just want to try mushroom coffee in Los Angeles for the first time. That way, there’s no commitment on your part. Just try the free samples out and provide us with your honest feedback.

When you order your samples, you will be charged for postage only. (the samples are free)

Order Now (click here)

Why Try Shyne Coffee?

Rich Flavor with a Unique Twist
🧠 Enhances Focus and Creativity
🌿 Smooth Energy Boost
🛡️ Rich in Antioxidants
🌱 Eco-Friendly Choice
💡 Innovative Coffee Experience
🫖 Versatile in Culinary Uses
🧘‍♂️ Supports a Balanced Mood

The New Coffee In Town

While Shyne might be the newest mushroom coffee to reach L.A. — it’s not new by any means. Since our inception we’ve served over 150,000 cups to health conscious coffee drinkers in North America.

Many of our OG customers are even subscribing so they never run out!

Subscribe And Save ($$$)

If you are convinced that mushroom coffee is right for you’ll want to consider this.

Benefits of a Shyne Subscription:

  • Save $216 per year
  • Fist Month is FREE
  • No Charge Shipping
  • FREE Lion’s Mane Powder ($20 value)
  • Never Run Out!

Retailers in L.A.

If you own a coffee shop and have stumbled up on our page about mushroom coffee in L.A. then I’d love to discuss it further.

Please drip me a line (get it) and let me know that you are interested in selling mushroom coffee at your Los Angeles coffee shop.

Contact Info:

  • Andrew Langevin – Founder
  • Phone: 1-647-449-7396
  • Email: sales@naturelion.ca

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