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      Why NATURE LION?

      Where to buy?

      See the map above to find the locations where you can buy mushroom growing kits near you.

      How to grow?

      Growing mushrooms at home isn’t difficult with Nature Lion’s mushroom growing kits.

      To lear more about the growing process please read our detailed mushroom growing guide.

      Save on Shipping!

      Don’t pay for shipping! Head to your nearest retailer and purchase your mushroom growing kit locally.

      best in canada

      Our growing medium has been carefully formulated to produce higher yields. We are confident you will be happy with your results.

      shop local

      When you buy local you are doing the local neighbourhood a solid! Bricks and mortar shops make our lives easier and more convenient.

      The benefit to you is faster service, no shipping costs and you can speak to a real human if you have any questions.

      Wholesale pricing

      Want to learn more about buying our mushroom grow kits at wholesale in Canada? Then, please check out our mushroom grow kits wholesale page for more information and pricing.


      If you have a suggestion for our mushroom grow kits near you page. Please send us an email at and we will reach out.