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black friday plant sale canada

the Black Friday Plant Sale is all about mushrooms!

As the season of sensational savings blossoms, the buzz is all about When is Black Friday in Canada 2023? This year, mark your calendars for November 24th. But at Nature Lion, the Black Friday Plant Sale has already sprouted, offering a fertile array of mushroom grow kits, sumptuous infused coffees, and rich powders. From now until Cyber Monday, November 27th at 11:59 pm, you can save 20% off store-wide.

black Friday pricing: Mushroom Growing Kits:

Our mushroom grow kits are the pride of the Black Friday Plant Sale, perfect for the open-minded enthusiast keen on the natural art of cultivation. Harvest the savings on these fungal treasures:

Shyne Instant Coffee Infused with Mushrooms:

This Cyber Monday, why not rejuvenate your morning ritual with our Shyne Instant Coffee? Enjoy a heartwarming Black Friday discount:

Nature Lion Mushroom Powders:

Embrace the Black Friday Plant Sale to enrich your pantry with our nutrient-dense mushroom powders. Stir a scoop into your favorite dishes for a natural wellness boost:

Nature Lion’s Black Friday Plant Sale is ripe with prospects. Delve into our eclectic selection of mushroom grow kits, and let the essence of nature’s finest transform your health and your meals. The Cyber Monday rush is on the horizon, but our doors are open now. Cultivate wellness, savor the flavor, and let the fungal feast begin!

What date and time is Black Friday in Canada?

Black Friday in Canada, falls on November 24th in 2023, is widely recognized as the peak shopping event of the year. Nature Lion, however, initiates its Black Friday Plant Sale earlier than the customary date, providing customers with an extended opportunity to purchase premium mushroom products in a relaxed atmosphere, avoiding the usual high-stress environment typical of Black Friday.

Insight into Cyber Monday in Canada

Subsequent to Black Friday, Cyber Monday emerges as a significant online shopping event, scheduled for November 27th, 2023. It is a day specifically tailored for consumers who prefer the convenience of online transactions. In alignment with this modern shopping trend, Nature Lion extends its promotional offers across the weekend to Cyber Monday, allowing ample time for customers to take advantage of the sales.

Spotlight on Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals for Locally Produced Goods

During both Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Nature Lion emphasizes its locally produced, sustainable mushroom products. As a Canadian company, Nature Lion’s promotions are crafted to echo the brand’s dedication to local industry and ecological sustainability. The product range, including Mushroom Grow Kits, Shyne Instant Coffees, and Mushroom Powders, underscores a commitment to excellence and support of the local economy. Shopping with Nature Lion translates into contributing to the Canadian business ecosystem and endorsing sustainable methods.

Nature Lion’s Black Friday Plant Sale: A Gateway to Mycological Wonders

These Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals provide a unique proposition. The sale, already underway, offers a diverse array of mushroom-based products. Customers are encouraged to visit Nature Lion’s website to explore the offerings and incorporate the natural goodness of mushrooms into their lifestyle this festive season.

black friday and cyber monday plant sale online

Nature Lion’s Black Friday Plant Sale On NOW

As the holiday season unfurls its festive spirit, Nature Lion welcomes you to an exclusive shopping experience beginning November 10th, stretching through to November 27th, culminating at 11:59 pm. This period heralds our Black Friday Plant Sale, an event that not only preempts the traditional Black Friday rush but also serves as an early Christmas Sale, offering a wealth of savings on our unique mushroom products.

The Essence of Timing: Nov 10 – Nov 27

In the spirit of providing a stress-free holiday shopping experience, our sale starts early on November 10th. This gives our customers nearly three weeks to select the perfect mushroom products, whether it’s for personal use or as thoughtful gifts for loved ones. This extended sale ensures that everyone can participate without the pressure of last-minute decisions, all the way up to 11:59 pm on November 27th.

Unveiling the Savings: 20% Discount Across the Board

During this Black Friday Plant Sale, which doubles as an early Christmas Sale, Nature Lion is proud to offer a 20% discount on all items. This sale encompasses our highly coveted mushroom grow kits, which have garnered attention from health and wellness enthusiasts across Canada. The discount applies to our entire range, allowing customers to explore the rich variety of mushrooms we cultivate, from the nutritious Lion’s Mane to the exquisite Blue Oyster.

Your Key to Unlock the Sale: Discount Code “BFS”

To avail of these generous discounts, customers need to use the code “BFS” at checkout. This code is your passport to savings, seamlessly applying the 20% discount to your total purchase. Whether you’re investing in our sought-after mushroom grow kits, savoring our Shyne Instant Coffee infused with mushrooms, or enriching your diet with our potent Mushroom Powders, the “BFS” code is your ally in achieving wellness this holiday season.

More Choices This Christmas

This sale isn’t just an opportunity; it’s an invitation to embrace a natural lifestyle with our meticulously crafted products. Each mushroom grow kit is designed for ease of use, promising a rewarding experience as you watch your mushrooms thrive. With the sale extending to Cyber Monday, it mirrors the inclusive spirit of the season, where digital convenience meets the warmth of traditional shopping.

A Festive Focus: The Christmas Sale Angle

As we approach the heart of the holiday season, this Black Friday Sale is an opportune moment to consider the Christmas gifts that will leave a lasting impression. Mushroom grow kits make for an innovative and thoughtful gift, aligning perfectly with the values of health and sustainability cherished during the Christmas season.

By choosing to shop during Nature Lion’s sale, you’re not only getting ahead on your Christmas shopping; you’re also partaking in a movement that values health, wellness, and the support of local Canadian businesses. So mark your calendars, set your reminders, and prepare to dive into a world where Christmas cheer and mycological marvels meet.

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