farmer's markets in ontario

Best Farmer’s Markets in Ontario To Buy Mushrooms

The farmer’s markets in Ontario are a great place to find locally grown mushrooms that can make your next meal one to remember. Over the last 50 years the varieties made available to consumers has changed drastically. Now you can experience a multitude of different textures, aromas and flavours all while doing good for the planet.

Finding fresh mushrooms at the grocery store can sometimes be a hard task to accomplish, and they can be pricey too! When you buy mushrooms directly from the grower you get to experience a new level of quality that is driven by a passion for fungi. Mushroom Aficionados know that these hand-crafted mushrooms are the way to go.

And these fresh mushrooms come with a price tag that is cheaper than the grocery store!

What Farmer's Markets in Ontario Carry Nature Lion Mushrooms?

Ancaster Farmer's Market

farmer's markets in ontario

When – 3pm – 7pm Every Wednesday until October

Where – 47 Halson St, Ancaster, L9G 2S2

Hespeler Village Farmer's Market

When – 3pm – 7pm Every Friday until October

Where – 11 Tannery St E, Cambridge, N3C 2A6

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Ottawa Street Farmer's Market

When – 8am – 2pm Every Saturday Until October

Where – 3 Britannia Ave, Hamilton, L8H 1W3

What Types Of Fresh Mushrooms Do We Sell?

Oyster Mushrooms (multiple varieties)

  • Pink Oyster
  • Black Oyster
  • Blue Oyster
  • White (Elm) Oyster
  • King Oyster


Lion’s Mane Mushrooms





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What Are Oyster Mushrooms Used For?

Cooking! And Eating!


There are a number of varieties of oyster mushrooms available and they are all have unique flavors and textures. Oyster mushrooms are very meaty and can be used as a substitute for meat in any of your favourite recipes. Just a cup of oyster mushrooms contains 3g of protein and they are delicious on the barbecue.


One interesting thing about mushrooms is that they are almost impossible to overcook. Try leaving them to cook a little longer and you will get a really nice, crispy texture.

What is Lion's Mane Used For?

Lion’s mane mushrooms are a delicious culinary mushroom with potential benefits to your nervous system and cognitive function. While it’s nice to think that lion’s mane is beneficial for your brain, one thing is for sure… they are delicious.

The ways in which Lion’s mane are being cooked are also quite remarkable. From crab cakes, to pulled pork – this mushroom can do almost anything because of it’s unique texture. Taste wise, it’s not bad either. Not a particularly overpowering mushroom and it has the ability to absorb flavours better than chicken in my opinion..

A sure way to impress even the most affluent mushroom fanatic!

other farmer's market finds...

You won’t just find Nature Lion’s amazing mushrooms at the local Farmer’s Markets. There are plenty of knowledgeable, and hard working farmers who are dedicated to keeping the food supply going.

From fresh produce to amazing seasonal fruits the local farmer’s markets in Ontario have it all.

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