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Food Is Medicine: What They Don’t Want You To Know

A Recent Uptick For Mushrooms

In a world dominated by Big Pharma – there’s a small victory that’s happening right now before you eyes. It’s a trend, yes – but I think it’s one with legs to stand on.

This article will attempt to uncover the reasons why a natural food, that’s been around for millions of years (mushrooms) is trending right now. I believe that the secret lies in our subconscious minds.

The reality of our mere existence since the beginning of time has and always will hinge on the nutrients we put into our bodies. As people begin to wake up to this deep-rooted subconscious knowledge, the realization becomes clearer.


And healthy food has been given the cold shoulder by physicians and medical professionals in exchange for higher-profit pharmaceutical drugs. (because greed is real)

For example, a friend of mine was told to take blood thinners for his heart. The instructions were specific that he should NOT eat kale while taking the medication – because kale is a natural blood thinner, and it could result in his blood becoming too thin!


It boggles my mind, but I am glad that people are finally realizing that food is the best medicine we can offer to our bodies. The more people that wake up to this fact, the healthier the world will become as a whole.

It’s really up to you, and me – to do our parts and spread this knowledge to people who might not understand it fully. It’s rooted into our subconscious minds but also in our DNA. (so deep down we all know it to be true)

This Is A Wake Up Call For Your Health

Let’s take a minute to cancel out the noise. It can be hard sometimes to come to a simple realization but it’s time that we all wake up to the facts. And do our part to ensure the rest of humanity can benefit as a result.

The benefits of mushrooms have been known for thousands of years. In traditional eastern medicine – mushrooms (like reishi) are a staple! Using these medicinal mushrooms has been thought to increase longevity.

Why I am asking you to share this article is because you may already know about these benefits yourself – but there are others who don’t. They are your friends, family co-workers, and people in your Facebook feed.

And it’s our job to help guide humanity in the right direction. Someone recently told me that “Team Work is Dream Work” and I tend to agree with that statement.

Regardless, if you know or not. You’ve stumbled upon our company and that means that you are at least considering your options. The sooner we all wake up – the sooner we can start collectively fixing societies biggest problems.

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Food Is Your Answer!

If you have been struggling with your health, or you know someone who is then it’s a good thing you’ve found this article. If it’s not you personally – please forward this page to your loved ones.

Healthy foods are making a comeback because people are realizing. Our bodies can actually benefit on a cellular level from eating the right foods. The changes might not be immediately noticeable to us – but your cells will be doing a happy dance.

It’s hard to believe for some that such a minor change can have such a major impact but it’s true. We have customers telling us about their positive results drinking our coffee all of the time. It makes them feel good and nobody is going to question that!

If you’ve recently changed your diet and noticed that you have less aches and pains it could be because of new nutrients being introduced to the body. When your body is stressed it does some weird things. If you are eating the right foods – it will help to prevent stress overall.

I personally notice this effect a lot. When I stray off of eating healthy the stress and inflammation seem to return eventually. Which leads me to believe that FOOD IS MEDICINE! (and the best kind)

What Foods Should We focus On?

The answer to this question will not be the same for everybody – but the basic rules will always apply. The foods you should be eating are the ones that are grown from the earth. (preferably by people who care)

Some of the best foods you can eat are organic, and locally produced. Fruits, veggies and meats from local producers and higher in nutritional content than processed foods. (and more flavourful, too)

Organic food that is grown by a local farmer (maybe even yourself) will prove to be a greater source of nutrition – time and time, again.

I strongly encourage you (if you are reading this article) to focus on what your subconscious mind already knows. And, stop buying into fast food culture, instead, become a producer (or at least a consumer) of healthier foods.

It’s the wake up call that society needs and it could make or break us.

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Not All Foods Are Created Equal

Processed foods – and fast foods are not created wit the intention that they are good for you. The intention with those foods is to provide you with a quick fix. I assure you that when it comes to our bodies – there are no quick fixes. (except for deep breathing exercises)

Knowing this – it’s easy to figure out the foods that will keep you shining and glowing your healthy glow. Hint: It’s the one’s that aren’t processed. (and grown from the earth)

We believe strongly that mushrooms are a super food and their benefits when eaten regularly can be noticeable. Different mushrooms work for different purposes – but basically (except for the poisionous varieties) they are really quite good for you.

Another benefit with mushrooms is that they are really easy to grow in just about any home. In just a short amount of time you can be eating the most locally produced, freshest mushrooms that money can buy.

Now I won’t dwell on the amazing mushroom grow kits we sell – because they aren’t for everyone. (although we do have something for everyone)

What’s important – and i hope you got it from this article – is that we all do our part to share this subconscious knowledge with one another. You may not know it – but you could change somebody’s life for good.

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