mushroom farm expands into US market

Nature Lion Mushroom Farm Expands Into US Markets

We are pleased to announce that we are expanding our sales and distribution to customers in the United States. As our mushroom farm expands — so does our loyal customer base.

This new expansion allows us to expand our presence in North America. And that lends with it the opportunity to inspire a much larger audience. Helping us achieve our goal of inspiring people to live healthier and happier lives. (with mushrooms)

Nature Lion’s website is currently live in Canada and the US. The appropriate governing bodies have approved all of our products. We are ready to serve you!

The Product Offerings

Mushroom Growing Kits For Indoor Growing

Simple, easy-to-use mushroom kits — cut open your spray and grow kit and watch the magic unfold before your eyes. Growing mushrooms at home (in your kitchen) is an easy practice that’s both fun and nutritious.

Shop Mushroom Grow Kits in The USA

Shyne Mushroom Coffee Blends

The best-tasting mushroom coffee in the world has just landed in the US and shipped from our farm (located in Canada) to your doorstep. Taste the difference for yourself — you won’t be disappointed.

Shop Mushroom Coffee Blends

Natural Mushroom Powders (fruiting bodies only)

Adding mushroom powders to your smoothies, teas, and recipes is an easy way to deliver the benefits of functional mushrooms into your life. It’s often the simple, natural solutions that reap the most benefits. Mushroom powders will get you moving!

Shop The Natural Powders


Equipped with one of Canada’s best-selling brands of mushroom extracts. The Harmonic Arts mushroom tinctures we carry will surely give you the correct dose — even when you are on the go.

Shop Certified Mushroom Extracts

Wild Foraged Mushrooms

Our hand-picked wild foraged mushrooms are a culinary delight to be seen. You’ll appreciate the exceptional flavour and quality of these dried wonders. Add to soups and pasta sauces — or rehydrate and saute to perfection!

Shop Wild Foraged Mushrooms

Liquid Culture Syringes

The world is your Oyster (mushroom), and we can help you discover mushrooms growing on another level. Working with liquid cultures is an easy way to grow mushrooms at home for years.

Shop Liquid Culture Syringes For Mushroom Growing

mushroom farm canada and u.s.a.

Why Choose Nature Lion Over Companies in The U.S.A.?

At Nature Lion, we are incredibly passionate about what we do. Mushrooms have been around for millions of years, and we are just here to facilitate their needs. By doing so, we can impart knowledge about mushrooms to our customers.

We are also very serious about running a safe food business. The protocols we follow are very demanding — but worth the effort. Our facility is licensed with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and registered with the FDA.

Another benefit of working with US companies is the dollar’s buying power. The American dollar is worth nearly 35% more than the Canadian. (at the time of this article) That kind of savings can add up!

And the mushroom farm expands!

A Summary of Reasons

  • passionate about mushrooms
  • experienced and knowedgable staff
  • next-level customer support
  • certified commercial kitchen
  • licensed importer and exporter
  • quality products
  • USD/CAD buying power

Working With The Community

Another part of Nature Lion’s success in Canada has been our devotion to working with local communities. If it helps the community and inspires people to adopt a lifestyle of health and fitness — we are there!

As our mushroom farm expands we plan on working with schools, church groups, and community gardens to help bring our knowledge of mushrooms to the people. Teaching others how to grow their food is our passion. So, we will be actively seeking opportunities to help where we can.

Our ongoing program, “Shyne Gives Back,” means that if you buy a package of mushroom coffee from us, we donate a free cup of coffee to a random stranger.

This program gets a lot of smiles and helps to impact the community directly in a positive way. Sure, it’s not life-changing, but a simple gesture like a free cup of coffee can go a long way.

mushroom farm expansion future plans, AI planting robots

Future Plans

Now that we have expanded our website sales into the US, we will also ramp things up on the wholesale side.

Working with retailers has been a significant part of our success in Canada. So, we plan on making it a big part of our business in the United States as our mushroom farm expands. From garden centers to grocery stores — you can expect us to pop up on the map.

See The Map of Stores

Aside from that, we plan on going with the flow while still providing our customers with an over-the-top level of customer service. We’re the mushroom experts, and those who purchase our products become experts, too.

What To Do Next?

Before deciding to purchase, you may need more time to research the products. Luckily, we have plenty of information in our very own mushroom blog.

In the blog, you will find a wealth of knowledge about growing mushrooms, their health benefits, news about the company and even recipes.

Click Here to Explore The Knowledge

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