Bulk Mushroom Grow Kits

12 Oyster Mushroom Blocks (4 Varieties)

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$179.99 or $129.59 / month

Why Buy Bulk?

Buying in bulk is a great way for you to achieve a regular harvest of fresh mushrooms at home. With our bulk cases you get 12 mushroom grow blocks that can grow up to 10lbs of fresh mushrooms. Now you can have a perpetual mushroom garden and be continuously harvesting your own supply of gourmet mushrooms.

Canada-Wide Free Shipping

Another good thing about buying in bulk is big savings on shipping. In fact, it’s FREE!

lowest prices in canada

As part of our commitment to helping you grow mushrooms we are now offering the lowest prices in Canada on mushroom grow blocks. We want to help you achieve your success when growing mushrooms for food!

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When you subscribe to a monthly subscription you will save 28% on your order which means you will only pay $10.79 per block including delivery!