Plant Care

bios makes your garden healthy, naturally!

A complete line of natural plant care products


  • 🌱 Natural Ingredients
  • 🛡️ Safe and Effective
  • 🌿 Boost Plant Health
  • 🌳 Sustainable Packaging


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natural fertilizer

fermented wheat bran fertilizer

How to Use BIOS Nutrients

  1. Mix with Water: Follow the specific instructions for each product.
  2. Apply: Use in your watering can, spray bottle, or directly into the soil.
  3. Monitor: Observe your plants for improved growth and health.

Customer Testimonials

“Since using BIOS Nutrients, my plants have never looked better. The natural ingredients make me feel good about what I’m using, and the results speak for themselves. My garden is thriving!” – Emily, Toronto

Customer Reviews

Bios is Your Friend

About BIOS Nutrients

BIOS Nutrients offers a range of 100% organic plant care products designed to promote plant health while being environmentally friendly. Handmade in Guelph, Canada, each product is crafted with care and rigorously tested to ensure the best results for your indoor and outdoor plants.

Benefits of BIOS Nutrients Products

  • 🌱 Natural Ingredients: Our products are made with all-natural, organic ingredients.
  • 🛡️ Safe and Effective: Completely chemical-free, safe for pets and kids.
  • 🌿 Boost Plant Health: Enhance nutrient absorption, improve water retention, and protect against pests and diseases.
  • 🌳 Sustainable Packaging: 100% compostable packaging helps reduce plastic waste.

Key Product Categories

Natural Fertilizers:

  • Provide essential nutrients for immediate and long-term plant health.
  • No risk of burning plants, safe for all types of vegetation.