Black Oyster Growing Kit (bulk)

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Our premium black oyster mushroom growing kit with no sprayer, and no fancy packaging for an overall savings in your pocket. Grow your own mushrooms from home and save money at the grocery store.


– Low Prices


– Lower Carbon Footprint


– No Frills – Just The Block


– No fancy packaging, or spray bottle


– Saves You $$$ On Groceries


– Mushrooms In Under 3 Weeks


– Organic Growing Medium


– Shroom-scribe & Save!


– Bulk Discounts


– Harvest Multiple Times


Product Description

A ready to fruit organic mushroom grow kit without the sprayer or fancy packaging.

Regardless, you’ll have everything you need to start growing mushrooms.

Each bag is made with the best organic mushroom substrate and comes fully colonized and ready to grow.

Harvest your first crop of mushrooms in 2-3 weeks and you can get up to four harvests with a single growing kit.


– Easy To Grow

– Mushrooms in 3 Weeks

– Organic Medium

– Build Your Own Box

– Subscribe & Save

– Bulk Discounts Available

– Harvest Up To 1.5lbs

– Ready To Fruit

Build Your Own Box

Build your mushroom box and save when you bundle.


Subscribe to your box every month and save even more!

Change it up!

Change your varieties whenever you’d like.

Grow For Fun

Growing your own mushrooms is a fun and rewarding practice.

Our Commitment

We are making mushroom growing more affordable so you can save money at the grocery store.

a fresher product

There is no comparison between freshly grown mushrooms to the selection at the grocery store.