12 Oyster Mushroom Blocks (4 Varieties)

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4 Varieties of Oyster Mushrooms!

Now you can grow MORE mushrooms for less money. Your case of 12 oyster mushroom blocks will include an even mixture of 4 oyster mushroom varieties that are easy to grow at home.


– ONLY $14.99 per block / or / $10.79 each with subscription!




– 4 Varieties of Oyster Mushrooms – Black, White, Pink & Blue


– Grow Up To 10lbs of fresh mushrooms.


– No sprayers, no boxes – just mycelium.


– Save BIG Buying in Bulk


Grow Your Own Food


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– Grow mushrooms for your family & friends.


– From your farm to your table!


– Harvest in just a few short weeks.


– Lowest Priced Grow Blocks in Canada


Grow more mushrooms for less!




No sprayer, no boxes – just mycelium.


How To Use


1) Prepare & Clean – your growing area which can be any area of the home that isn’t in direct sunlight. For best results we recommend you use a grow tent with a humidifier and proper ventilation. But it’s not necessary as they will grow in almost any environment with just a few minutes of daily maintenance. Either way, it’s important to have a clean & tidy growing environment for your mushrooms.


2) Cut & Mist – cut an “X” in your mushroom bags on one side and face X upwards. Next, you are going to want to mist your grow kits with plain water 2-3 times per day. You can skip the misting if you are growing in a tent with a humidifier and have the humidity set between 70-90%. Otherwise, daily misting is required.


3) Harvest & Eat – After 2-3 weeks of misting and/or waiting you will be able to harvest and cook your delicious, organic mushrooms. The mushroom caps will begin to turn upwards and taking on a shape that resembles a trumpet. You will also notice a ring of discoloration around the edge of the mushroom caps. Both are signs that it’s ready to pick your mushrooms.


That’s all it takes to grow your own mushrooms at home!


Time Schedule


Growing mushrooms is mostly about timing and getting it right isn’t that difficult. Your growing schedule will depend on your needs so it will be up to you to fine tune to your needs. Generally mushrooms take 10-14 days from “cut to harvest” so you will want to plan accordingly if you have a big dinner coming up and you want to really impress your guests.


Cutting Daily

If you are growing mushrooms to eat regularly then this is recommended for you. Cut open a new mushroom grow block each day and you will have a continuous, fresh supply of mushrooms growing year-round.


Cutting Weekly

Some growers choose to cut their bags open a little less often and doing it weekly might be the option for you. By cutting weekly you can save on time but you will have a surpluss of mushrooms all at once that will need to be eaten or stored in the fridge for later use.


Special Occasions

If you are getting ready for a special occasion or big event and you are going to be needing a lot of mushrooms then it’s a good idea to plan ahead. Knowing that it takes 10-14 days before your mushrooms will be ready you should be cutting your bags open 15-17 days before the big event takes place. It’s better to store your mushrooms for a couple of days then to not have any at all.