Mushroom Spawn


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Makes 30-40 x 7lb bulk substrate blocks!

Why Buy Mushroom Spawn?

  • Reduce skilled labour costs
  • Lower building costs
  • No need for expensive equipment
  • Save time and energy
  • Streamline operations
  • Bulk discounts
  • Grow faster!


8 Mushroom Varieties to Choose

  • Black Oyster
  • Pink Oyster
  • White Oyster
  • Blue Oyster
  • Black Pearl King Oyster
  • King Blue Oyster
  • Lion’s Mane
  • Chestnut


Makes Up To 40 x LG Growing Blocks

Use a grain spawn master bag to make up to 40 large blocks (unicorn bags 14A bags) for mushroom production.

oyster mushroom spawn

Oyster Mushroom Spawn, and Lion’s Mane

Quality Mushroom Spawn Canada

Nature Lion is Canada’s #1 trusted choice for mushroom spawn Canada-wide!  As a trusted brand in over 40,000 homes there’s no doubt we can supply any commercial mushroom farm, big or small.

Lab-Grade Mushroom Spawn

Made in our mushroom laboratory in Brantford, Ontario, and shipped all over Canada, and the US! Our trusted lab-grade spawn is ready for use at your commercial farm operation.

Make Your Own Bulk Substrate

There’s a number of ways to make your own bulk substrate for growing mushrooms. One key ingredient to getting the most out of your bulk substrate is to use top-quality spawn that’s free of contamination. Using Nature Lion’s mushroom spawn in your pasteurized bulk substrate is a great starting point for healthy mycelium growth.

Where to buy mushroom spawn in Canada?

There aren’t many spawn suppliers in Canada who can meet the demands of your busy mushroom operation. Nature Lion makes it easy to order mushroom spawn online from anywhere in the country. Simply choose your mushroom varieties, and hit checkout. In three weeks your spawn order will be ready to ship.

Bulk Order Discount

Purchase four, or more bags of spawn for your mushroom farm and watch the savings start adding up in your cart. We have price breaks that suit any scale of operation. If you are looking for a larger quantity of spawn then please send us an email here.

Oyster Mushroom Grain Spawn

Eight (8) Varieties of Spawn Available

  • Black Oyster
  • Pink Oyster
  • White Oyster
  • Blue Oyster
  • Black Pearl King Oyster
  • King Blue Oyster

    Other Spawn Available…

    • Lion’s Mane Spawn
    • Chestnut Mushroom Spawn

      #1 Mushroom Spawn Supplier in Ontario

      • Made To Order Freshness
      • Capacity For Large Scale
      • Lower Equipment Costs
      • Less Need For Qualified Labour
      • Save Time and Energy

        Any Farm, Big or Small

        We take pride in producing the best grain spawn for your farms needs. Order spawn online, or email us if you’d like to discuss a bulk spawn order.

        Fast Delivery

        Your spawn is produced fresh, for your order and for that reason it takes 3 weeks to fully colonize and test spawn for vigour. But rest assured, once your spawn is ready it will be shipped, lightning fast, using UPS, FEDEX, Canpar, or Purolator.


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