Chanterelles (30g)


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Encased in an elegant glass jar, our 30g of dried chanterelles are a golden treasure from the forest floor. Each morsel has been carefully chosen to offer unmatched quality, immersing you in the rich, buttery essence that makes chanterelles so coveted.


🍄 Distinct, nutty flavor profile

🍲 Ideal for soups, stews, and pastas

🗓 Extended storage life

💪 Abundant in essential nutrients

🍳 Transforms ordinary meals into gourmet delights


Dive into a world of culinary excellence. Enhance your recipes with the luxurious touch of dried chanterelles. Secure your jar today!

shelf life and storage

Regarded as a premium gem in the mushroom world, dried chanterelles come with an impressive longevity. With a steadfast shelf life of up to two years, these golden beauties assure gastronomic excellence across seasons. To truly preserve their majesty:

  • Cool & Dark Delight: Chanterelles prefer the shadows. A cool, dark storage space ensures they maintain their delicate flavor and aromatic essence.
  • Seal the Gold: Using an airtight container is crucial. It’s the guardian against moisture, making sure the mushrooms’ regal quality remains uncompromised.

flavour and umami

Tasting a chanterelle is like dancing with nature. Its unique peppery notes combined with a subtle fruity aroma make it a connoisseur’s delight.

  • Flavor Symphony: The drying process intensifies their already notable flavor, ensuring a consistent and remarkable taste every time.
  • Umami Essence: Beyond their iconic flavor, chanterelles possess an inherent umami quality. This depth offers a richness to dishes that’s both understated and unparalleled.

culinary use

Chanterelles have a way of bringing magic to the kitchen. Their vibrant color and taste make them a favorite among chefs and food lovers alike.

  • Golden Touch: From creamy soups to gourmet risottos, chanterelles add a hue of gold and a burst of unmatched flavor.
  • Versatile Pairs: Their gentle yet distinctive profile harmonizes with a variety of ingredients—be it meats, wines, or herbs—creating dishes that resonate with perfection.
  • Swift Gourmet Moments: Whether sautéed with garlic and butter or added to a morning omelette, they elevate the simplest dishes to gourmet standards in mere minutes.

With chanterelles on your kitchen shelf, every culinary endeavor turns into a golden opportunity. Experience the enchantment; the chanterelle magic awaits.

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