FNGI BOX | Mushroom Substrate

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Ready To Grow Mushroom Substrate!


The FNGI BOX is a ready to inoculate mushroom substrate that can grow both wood loving and manure loving mushrooms.


– Grows Many Different Species of Fungi


– Self Healing Injection Port


– 0.2 Micron Filter Patch


– Grow Wood Loving & Manure Loving Species


– Inoculate Using A Liquid Culture or Spore Syringe


NO Sterile Environment Necessary


– Shake & Grow Directly From The Bag!


– Or Use Substrate To Fill A Monotub


– Grow From Start To Finish


* Does Not Include Spore Syringe or Liquid Culture


Ready To Grow!

The FNGI box comes ready to grow a wide range of wood loving & manure loving species of mushrooms.

Self-Healing Injection Port

Inoculate your FNGI Box with a liquid culture or spore syringe of almost any species.

Sterilized Rye Grains

Sterilized rye grains are the starting point for growing healthy mycelium.

Straw-based mushroom substrate

Straw is a widely versatile growing medium that can be used to grow both wood loving & manuer loving mushrooms.

Need A Liquid Culture?