Matsutake (30g)


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Unravel the sensory allure of Matsutake mushrooms with their distinctive taste profile:


🍄 Spicy-cinnamon aroma that captivates upon the first whiff

🍲 Piney, woody undertones, a tribute to their pine forest origins

🌲 Deep earthy richness with a signature umami kick

🍂 A touch of bitterness, more pronounced in mature mushrooms

🥩 Firm, meaty texture that stands out in any dish


To truly understand the essence of Matsutake, it’s an experience one must taste firsthand. Whether you’re a seasoned mycophile or a curious foodie, the unique flavors of Matsutake are sure to leave a lasting impression.

shelf life and storage

Endurance Game:
Dried matsutakes? They’ve got staying power. Store them right, and they’ll be your flavor ally for a cool two years.

Keep ‘Em Pristine:
Cool and shadowy spots are their jam. Sidestep sunlight and warmth to maintain that signature matsutake magic.

Lock & Load:
Airtight is right. Seal them tight, ward off moisture, and savor their prime quality every time you reach for them.

Matsutake storage isn’t just about shelf space; it’s about ensuring a flavor fiesta whenever you desire. Store smart, feast better.

flavour and umami

Taste Explosion:
Dried matsutakes? They’re flavor dynamite. Their distinct pine and cinnamon hints come alive, setting your dishes alight.

Umami Adventure:
Beyond savory, matsutakes carry an umami depth that’s unparalleled. Think of it as a culinary passport, elevating every dish from good to extraordinary.

When you bring in dried matsutakes, you’re not just adding an ingredient; you’re dropping a flavor bomb. Dive deep into the matsutake experience; it’s a culinary ride like no other.

culinary use

Showstopper Dishes:
Introduce matsutakes to any plate, and watch it transform from basic to brilliant. These fungi are a ticket to gourmet town.

Dynamic Duos:
Pair them with poultry, fish, or greens. Matsutakes bring harmony, balance, and that unforgettable punch.

Swift Gourmet:
Need a culinary win in minutes? Toss them into a stir-fry or atop a salad. It’s instant gourmet gratification.

Broth Boost:
Soup’s on? Matsutakes intensify every sip, giving broths an aromatic depth and layered richness.

With matsutakes in the mix, cooking isn’t just routine; it’s a flavor-packed spectacle. Get ready for applause.

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