Lion’s Mane Mushroom Grow Kit

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Lion’s Mane Mushroom Grow Kit

You can grow lion’s mane mushrooms at home but you aren’t likely to find them at the grocery store. Grow 2-3 harvests of fresh, organic lion’s mane mushrooms that you can cook & enjoy. Save your hard-earned $$$ and grow your own food that’s fresher, tastes better and has higher nutritional value.

Eat Fresher, Save Money & Taste The Difference!




–  100% Guaranteed To Grow


–  Eat The Freshest Mushrooms


–  Save $$$ at The Grocery Store


–  Amazing Texture & Flavour


–  More Nutritional Value


–  Can’t Buy At The Grocery Store


–  Yield Up To 1.5 lbs Of Mushrooms


–  Grow Food Indoors Year-Round


–  Impress Your Friends & Family

Customer Reviews

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Fun and Tasty!

The kids were surprised to see how much the mushrooms would grow each day.
Once the first flush reached maturity, we enjoyed them in a pasta dish.
Although it was our first time trying Lion’s Mane mushroom, we found them to have good flavour and a nice meaty texture.

Robert Hansen
Nature's Miracle

Love the health benefits of growing your own nerve repairing mushrooms

lion's mane benefits your brain



QuantityDiscount Price
2 - 5 $24.00
6 + $21.00

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