Wild Canadian Morel Mushrooms


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These premium dried morels are harvested in the Canadian wilderness of Alberta, Canada. A true delight for mushroom lovers and gourmet chefs. Re-hydrate with hot water for 20 minutes and cook these rare mushrooms in your next meal. Each package contains 1 oz of dried morels.

1 Oz. Premium Wild Canadian Morels


Our premium dried morels are a true delicacy from the Canadian wilderness. These rare mushrooms are highly sought after by mushroom lovers and gourmet chefs.


The season for picking morels is relatively short lived, and their location is often a highly coveted secret by mushroom foragers.


With a meat-like texture, nutty and earthy flavours it’s no wonder morels are one of the top mushroom varieties used by gourmet chefs across the world. These are perhaps one of our favourite mushrooms of all time, and we think they’ll be yours too!


To Prepare:


Bring a small pot of water to a boil and turn off the heat.


Place dried morels into the hot water and soak for 20 mins. (you can skip this step for soups and sauces)


Saute morels in your choice of cooking oil.


Season with Sea Salt to taste.


You can incorporate morels into any of your favourite dishes. They are versatile with a meat-like texture and nutty flavours that make them a perfect treat for that fancy meal at home.