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Ripple of Kindness

Help Nature Lion give coffee to the less fortunate.

Together we can create a ripple of kindness that will impact the entire planet. Our goal is to donate 1 million cups of coffee in 2024. You can help our mission by purchasing a cup of coffee here and we will donate it on your behalf to the person who needs it most.

☕️ Buy a cup of coffee!
❤️ Nature Lion distributes to less fortunate.
🌍 Ripple of kindness around the world.
🎁 Gift happiness in a cup.
👫 Uplift your community.
✨ Are you always this kind?

Your donations are safe!

Together, we can build a happier community for generations to come. Our coffee share project is already having a positive impact on members of your community. Rest assured, we will work tirelessly to turn your generosity into results.

How do the coffees get distributed?

We currently have our boots on the ground and are serving the community, one coffee at a time. Our team, known as “The Shroom Squad” will be brewing up fresh batches of coffee and taking it to the streets.

In the next stage we plan on working closely with the community to distribute the coffee to the people who need it the most. Our priority will be food banks, homeless shelters and community groups like the Lion’s club. Working with these organizations will enable us to keep up with the demand.

Do people really need a free coffee?

The answer is, not really but our reasoning is simple. When you give someone a cup of coffee it’s a gesture of kindness. This simple gesture can quickly uplift a persons mood, causing a ripple effect which enables your kindness to spread to even more people.


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Product Information

who do we give coffee to?

🏠 Homeless
🩺 Frontliners
📚 Students
🔍 Job Seekers
👵 Elders
🎖️ Veterans
💼 Hard Workers
👩‍👧‍👦 Single Parents
🌿 Volunteers
😢 Those Having Tough Days

How is it distributed?

Well… we’re taking it to the streets. The helpful team at Nature Lion (aka “The Shroom Squad”) seeks out those who need it most, and delivers them a cup of happiness.

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Mushroom Infused People

One cup goes a long way!

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Coffee Share Project

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