3.5 lb. Black Oyster Mushroom Spawn Bag


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Black Oyster Mushroom Spawn: Fast Growth

Note: Processing time for mushroom spawn is 4-weeks

Species & Variety: Pleurotus ostreatus

Grow your own with our Black Oyster Grain Spawn bags. Use this 5 lb. bag of colonized mushroom spawn to inoculate bulk substrates. (like hardwood, straw, etc.)

  • 3.5 lb bag of Black Oyster Grain Spawn
  • Inoculates 150-200 lbs. of Bulk Substrate (15 – 20 x 10 lb. bags)
  • Made With Organic Rye Berries
  • Sterilized And Free of Contamination
  • Commercial Variety
  • Make Your Own Mushroom Kits


Black Oyster Mushroom Characteristics


  • Rich Taste
  • Meaty Caps and Stems
  • Medium-Speed Growth
  • Darker in Cooler Temps
  • Fruiting Time = 5 days


Order Processing Time


  • 4-Weeks


When you place your order – we begin to grow your mushroom spawn. During this time we test for vigour and check for contamination. Ensuring that you receive a commercial-ready product with a high success rate.

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Product Information

Mushroom Spawn For Commercial or Homegrown Applications

Our mushroom spawn is created in our clean room facilities in Brantford, Ontario. We ship our spawn anywhere in the US or Canada.

When buying spawn from us you can expect:

  • Sterilized spawn (free of contamination)
  • Ready To Inoculate to Bulk Substrate
  • Made With Organic Ingredients
  • Commercial High-Yielding Varieties

How Long Does It Take To Ship?

Spawn customers should allow 4-weeks for their spawn order to be delivered. In some cases we will have the spawn in-stock and ship it immediately. Most of the time, however, the 4-week wait will apply.

Why Does It Take 4-Weeks?

To avoid shipping you out-of-date spawn we make your orders on-demand. We also test all spawn bags for vigour to ensure the final product is contaminant-free.

Planning for Commercial Growers

When sourcing spawn it’s a common occurrence in the industry – and necessary for your business to plan ahead. Securing your grain spawn for growing is essential to running a successful mushroom operation.

  • Order 4-weeks before you need the product
  • Subscribe for regular monthly deliveries
  • Avoid production delays
  • No Need for expensive equipment

Using Your Spawn

If you need more information about how to use your Black Oyster Mushroom Spawn we have written a guide on just that!

Take a minute to read this informative guide. Click here to read the guide.

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Black Oyster mushroom Spawn

3.5 lb. Black Oyster Mushroom Spawn Bag

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