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Ready To Grow Mushroom Substrate!


The FNGI BOX is a ready to inoculate mushroom substrate that can grow both wood loving and manure loving mushrooms.


– Grows Many Different Species of Fungi


– Self Healing Injection Port


– 0.2 Micron Filter Patch


– Grow Wood Loving & Manure Loving Species


– Inoculate Using A Liquid Culture or Spore Syringe


NO Sterile Environment Necessary


– Shake & Grow Directly From The Bag!


– Or Use Substrate To Fill A Monotub


– Grow From Start To Finish


* Does Not Include Spore Syringe or Liquid Culture

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Product Information

Ready To Grow!

The FNGI box comes ready to grow a wide range of wood loving & manure loving species of mushrooms. All you need is a liquid culture and you are well on your way to cultivating mushrooms.

Self-Healing Injection Port

Inoculate your FNGI Box with a liquid culture or spore syringe of almost any species.

Sterilized Rye Grains

Sterilized rye grains are the starting point for growing healthy mycelium.

Straw-based mushroom substrate

Straw is a widely versatile growing medium that can be used to grow both wood loving & manuer loving mushrooms.

Pairing with other mushrooms

The FNGI box can be used for almost any mushroom you can think of. To properly pair the mushrooms you are growing try getting a second FNGI box and using one of Nature Lion’s liquid cultures to inoculate it with.

To explore other mushrooms that pair well with the FNGI box – go back to the Mushroom Grow Kits category page.

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fngi box mushroom substrate

FNGI BOX | Mushroom Substrate

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