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Pink Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit


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Easy Pink Oyster Kits

Save money at the grocery store and eat way fresher mushrooms than ever before. Grow 2-3 harvests of fresh, organic mushrooms that you can cook & enjoy. Buying mushrooms at the grocery store will become a thing of the past. And you won’t miss them one bit!

Eat Fresher, Save Money & Taste The Difference!


–  100% Guaranteed

–  Grows In 1-2 Weeks

–  Save $$$ on Groceries

–  Almost Seafood Flavour

–  Vibrant Pink Colour

–  Not Available In Grocery Stores

–  Harvest Up To 4 Times!

–  Grows Indoors Easily

–  Inspire Someone

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Product Information

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
daniel d. (Longueuil, CA)
jolie bouquet

donne de très belle grappe de champignon,

Pat L. (Toronto, CA)
Pink mushrooms

Nice taste, maybe too dry in my house as I got about quarter of lb mushrooms from 3 kits that I kept for myself. Some started on there owns in the top of bag

Bianca (Kelowna, CA)
Easy to Grow

Our son thought that it was really cool to grow. The only thing is I would add, now he may have not read when he threw the box out, Is how to store and cook the mushrooms the best.

Louise M. (Toronto, CA)
Pink Oyster Mushrooms kit

Wonderful Christmas gift. The recipient is amazed at the colour of the mushrooms and how easy it is to grow them. The harvest was plentiful and tasty!

Randall F. (Waterloo, CA)
Awesome mushroom kits

These kits have been fabulous! They grew much faster than expected and taste great!

Heather J. (Saskatoon, CA)
Pink Oyster Mushrooms

Amazing! These were exceptional mushrooms. I got 3 huge harvests from this grow kit. I will be buying this again!

pink oyster mushroom

Pink Oyster Mushroom Growing Is Easy WIth A Kit From Nature Lion

Step into the vibrant world of mycology with Nature Lion’s Pink Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit, a true marvel in the Canadian mushroom growing scene. This kit is your ticket to cultivating the rare and striking Pink Oyster Mushrooms known for their fast growth and exquisite flavour. Often elusive in Canadian markets, these mushrooms can now be a staple in your kitchen, ready to harvest in as little as ten days! Nature Lion ensures that your mushroom-growing adventure is effortless and rewarding with our eco-friendly kit designed for optimal growth. Imagine adding a splash of colour and a burst of flavour to your meals with fresh, home-grown Pink Oysters, a culinary delight that’s hard to find.

This kit is not just about growing mushrooms; it’s about bringing a unique and rapid gardening experience into your home, allowing you to savour the fruits of your labour faster than ever. With Nature Lion, embrace the beauty and rarity of Pink Oyster Mushrooms right in the comfort of your Canadian home.


BENEFITS of growing your own food

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Additional Resources

Mushroom Grow Guide (Online) – Detailed information for beginners.

Pairing with different mushrooms

Pink oyster mushrooms are most certainly a delight. Another mushroom pairs very well with them: White Oysters – you’ve probably eaten them before without knowing it!

To explore other mushrooms that pair well with Pink Oyster -go back to the Mushroom Grow Kits category page.

organic mushroom grow kits

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Pink Oyster Mushroom Kit

Pink Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit

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