White Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit


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High Production and Fast Grower

Grow your own White Oysters at home with Nature Lion’s easy to use grow kit. This is one of our highest-yielding strains of mushrooms. (very vigorous) It’s also fast – takes about two weeks to fully mature. And you’ll be eating the freshest (gourmet) mushrooms!

Kit Benefits

–  Grows Mushrooms in Two Weeks

–  Fresher Than Store Bought

–  Low Maintenance

–  Stronger, Better Flavour

–  Harvest Multiple Times

Ways To Use

–  Grow From The Box Inside

–  Expand Your Mycelium To Straw

–  Inoculate Fresh Hardwood Logs

–  All Of The Above!

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Product Information

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Roslyn (Whitehorse, CA)
So fast and fun

Just started my first kit a few weeks back and once they start they really go. So much fun to watch. Everyday there is significant growth. So easy and so fun. Can't wait to eat them.

Andrew C. (Toronto, CA)
Very good, and easy to use!

I've gotten 2 fruitings from my kit so far, the mushrooms were delicious and easy to grow! Working on the third now. Would highly recommend.

Susan M. (Cambridge, CA)
Great mushrooms.

I’ve three going at once right now. White Oysters and Chestnut. So easy. So tasty.

Karen P. (Crown Haven, BS)
Gifting problem

Good product. And had a second smaller flush of oyster mushrooms from my first kit. Since then I tried to buy a kit as a gift, so it could be delivered directly to the recipient, and discovered there is no option for this on your site. It would be very helpful to add this option.

sylvia a. (Millbrook, CA)
never going back....to the grocery store

OMG... these mushrooms are so friggen amazing... I am NEVER going to buy mushroom at the grocery store again! Totally worth the little effort it takes to grow them.

Howard (Saskatoon, CA)
Great first flush

Made a ramen noodle soup with half of the first flush. Mushroom bisque with the other half, along with some fresh lobster mushroom and creminis.

white oyster mushroom grow blocks

High Yields Indoors

The infamous White Oyster (aka Elm) is a variety of pleurotus ostreatus (Oyster Mushrooms) and is most well-known for exceptional yields indoors. A commercial variety that is easy to grow at home – by beginners.

Umami Flavour, Firm Texture (meat-like)

White Oyster Mushrooms are also known for their strong umami flavour and distinct seafood aromas. These mushrooms pack a punch! They are also super meaty and make the perfect pulled-pork, or beef brisket substitute.

Fast Growing Variety

This grow kit is perfect for beginners – it’ fast growing and really easy to maintain. The mushrooms practically grow themselves. Just give them a few sprays of water and withing 2 weeks you will see them start to “pin” (simple and quick)

What's Included?

What are the benefits?

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Pairing with Chestnut mushrooms

White oyster mushrooms are most certainly delicious – especially when grown by you. One fungi that pairs very well with them is Chestnut Mushrooms – which have a unique texture and taste!

To explore other mushrooms that pair well with White Oyster – go back to the Mushroom Grow Kits category page.

mushroom growing resources

Mushroom Growing Guide – Information for beginners on using a mushroom kit.

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White Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit

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