Black Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit


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Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit

Save money at the grocery store and eat way fresher oyster mushrooms than ever before. Grow 2-3 harvests of fresh, organic oyster mushrooms that you can cook & enjoy. Buying mushrooms at the grocery store will become a thing of the past. And you won’t miss them one bit!

Eat Fresher, Save Money & Taste The Difference!


  • 100% Guaranteed To Grow
  • Eat The Freshest Mushrooms Ever!
  • Save $$$ at The Grocery Store
  • Unmatched Taste Experience
  • High Nutritional Content
  • Better Than Store Bought
  • Yield Up To 1.5 lbs Of Mushrooms
  • Grow Indoors In Any Environment
  • Impress Your Friends & Family


Oyster Mushroom Kit – How To

Step 1: Prepare the Mushroom Kit

  • Open your oyster mushroom grow kit.
  • Locate the included spray bottle and set it aside.


Step 2: Access the Substrate

  • On the back of the box, you’ll notice a designated window area.
  • Carefully cut along the marked lines to reveal the oyster mushroom substrate.


Step 3: Initiate Fruiting Conditions

  • Using a sharp knife, make a small “X” incision on the bag inside the box.
  • This will introduce your mushrooms to fruiting conditions and will kick start their growth.


Step 4: Maintain Humidity Levels

  • Take the spray bottle you set aside earlier.
  • Mist the “X” incision with water 2-3 times daily. This ensures the mushrooms have the moisture they need to thrive.
  • Regular misting ensures that you maintain humidity levels for your mushrooms.


Step 5: Harvest Oyster Mushrooms

  • In due time, you’ll observe mushrooms emerging from the “X” incision.
  • Once they’ve reached a suitable size, gently harvest them.
  • They are now ready to be used in your preferred recipes.
Did you know?

Nature Lion has more Oyster mushroom kits than any other brand in Canada.

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Product Information

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Steve T. (Kingston, CA)

I bought 4 kits, White Oyster, Black Oyster, Chestnut and Lion Main. All same environment same treatment. The White Oyster and Lion Mane grew, but the Black Oyster didn't produce anything. The Chestnut was also a dud. I work, so was only able to water twice/day before and after work. It was my first mushroom venture.

Wendy S. (Edmonton, CA)

Uhh….. 2 weeks and nothing so far. Just watering a box. Bought this at a greenhouse and overspent. Lesson learned.

Mike D. (Thompson, CA)

Black Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit

Tina (Aurora, CA)
Black Oysters for Christmas

I ordered a kit for each of my colleagues for Christmas this year - they were all so thrilled when they opened their gift and they are very anxious to grow their mushrooms. These kits are an amazing gift idea for friends and family of any age and I highly recommend them!

Cole T. (Lloydminster, CA)

Love the product and would definately buy again!

Jenessa O. (North York, CA)

The Black Oyster Mushroom kit was so easy and fun!! Will definitely be trying to get a second harvest and I'd love to try the pink oysters too! I swear you could LITERALLY just sit there and watch the grow. Every hour they just got bigger and bigger!

Black Oyster Growing Kit

Easy To Grow Mushroom - Great For Beginners

Discover the mushroom cultivation with the Black Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit from Nature Lion. Perfectly designed for the Canadian climate, this kit brings the wonder of growing gourmet mushrooms into your home. Whether you’re in the bustling streets of Toronto or the serene landscapes of the Yukon, our kit ensures a thriving growth of rich, flavorful Black Oyster Mushrooms. Embrace the simplicity and satisfaction of growing your own mushrooms with Nature Lion’s eco-friendly and user-friendly kit. Dive into a world of culinary adventures and sustainable living, all while joining a community of Canadian mushroom enthusiasts. Get your Nature Lion Black Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit today and start your journey towards green, gourmet living!

Pairing with other mushrooms

Black oyster mushrooms are most certainly a delight to grow and cook. One mushroom pairs very well with Black Oyster, and that’s Lion’s mane mushrooms – you may have heard of them!

To explore other mushrooms that also pair well with Black Oyster -go back to the Mushroom Grow Kits category page.



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Growing Guide

Mushroom Grow Guide (Online) – Information for beginners and advanced growers.

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Black Oyster Mushrooms

Black Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit

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