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shyne magazine - volume i - mushroom infused cocktails and mocktals

Shyne Magazine - Volume I

You are reading the first-ever edition of Shyne Magazine. Our goal for this publication is to help guide you in using mushrooms in different ways. We’re giving you the inspiration to make it happen. Now let’s make some mushroom-infused beverages.

just add mushrooms

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Mushroom-Infused Cocktail Drink Recipes For This SUmmer

Don’t be late to the party. Try these mushroom-infused cocktail drinks and enjoy them all summer long. The power of functional mushrooms will refresh and invigorate you, and you can experience the benefits of fungi in your daily routine.

Why Add Mushrooms To Alcohol?

Adding mushrooms to alcoholic cocktails may not seem like an obvious choice, but hear me out. By adding functional mushrooms to your drinks, you can ensure the body has the energy it needs to recover quickly.

Furthermore, adding mushrooms to alcoholic drinks could help prevent a bad hangover.

  • Less likely to get a hangover.
  • More energy and focus.
  • Prepare your immune system.
  • Better mood

With mushrooms, you can add a healthy twist to your summer cocktail recipes with minimal effort  – and maximum benefits!

Can I Make Mocktail Drinks Infused With Mushrooms?

Of course you can! Any of the drinks in our newsletter can be made as a mocktail. It’s fun to enjoy these mushroom mocktails with your kids and show them that fun beverages can also be FUNctional!

Why Add Mushrooms To Mocktails?

  • Adds a unique and FUNctional spin.
  • Make drinks with benefits.
  • Feel energized and invigorated.
  • Easy health hack.

It’s quite simple to make these recipes without alcohol. Mocktails can be fun for the whole family. By adding mushrooms, you are essentially incorporating healthy foods into fun drinks—a great way to get more of their benefits.

what's in this month's edition?

  • Refreshing Summer Drinks
  • Lion’s Mane Mushroom Steak
  • Our Take on Irish Coffee
  • Growing Fresh Lion’s Mane

In this first-ever edition of Shyne Magazine, we showcase our favourite summer cocktail drinks. Please try them out and let us know! We are 100% sure you will love these recipes.

Our goal with this newsletter is to offer you inspiration and insight into using mushrooms daily. We strongly believe in their benefits and want to educate people on using them in fun and exciting ways.

Take a minute to review these functional mushroom drink recipes. We encourage you to try them and make them for your friends. The patio season this summer, I just got a whole lot better!

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