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      Why Our Mushroom Grow Kits?

      mushroom grow kits in Canada

      Our store locator is here to help you find where to buy mushroom grow kits in your local area. The stores listed here are located in Canada and are stocked up with Nature Lion’s mushroom kits.

      Why Buy From Local Canadian Businesses?

      By purchasing a from a local Canadian business you can directly help to support your important local economy. Local businesses are run by your neighbours and friends and make up a very important part of our infrastructure.



      Save on Shipping!

      When you buy directly from a local retailer you can save money on shipping costs. Often the price of an item is more in stores but when you factor in the no shipping, it can actually be much cheaper.

      BEST QUALITY kits

      We use superior, organic substrates that are carefully selected and rigorously quality tested by our team to produce some of the best quality mushroom grow kits available.

      wholesale mushroom kits in Canada

      Want to learn more about buying our mushroom grow kits at wholesale in Canada? Then, please check out our mushroom grow kits wholesale page for more information and pricing.



      Types Of Stores That Do Well Selling Mushroom Grow Kits

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      If you have a retail outlet in mind that you think should be carrying our mushroom kits please contact us at