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Tools And Calculators

A collection of tools and calculators for commercial growers, processors and avid hobbyists. Learn the proper mixing ratios for making mushroom substrates. (even making your tinctures)

Use this tool to estimate your final dried weight vs. wet weight after harvest. Estimate how many mushrooms you will have after dehydration. Easy tool.

Determine the right amount of HWFP, wheat bran and water to use when making bulk substrate for mushroom growing.

Use this calculator to quickly figure out how much alcohol, water and mushroom powder to make your own dual-extract mushroom tinctures.

Proper ratios and mixing amounts

This collection of tools and calculators can help you find the proper ratios and mixing amounts. Take the guesswork out of basic tasks related to mushroom growing, processing and production.

tools and calculators

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Expand your knowledge with these useful tools and calculators or if you would like to dive deeper into the world of mushrooms — please take a minute to read our most recent blog posts.

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Learn How To Grow Mushrooms

Using some of these calculators alongside our in-depth mushroom growing guide will provide you with a deeper insight into the world of cultivation.

Check out the Internet’s most in-depth mushroom grow guide.

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