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Wet To Dry Weight Calculator

Estimate The Dried Weight of Fresh Mushrooms

wet to dry weight mushroom calculator tool

The quick and easy tool will calculate the wet to dry weight of your mushrooms. You can use this calculator to determine how many lbs of dried mushrooms you will have based on your input of fresh mushrooms.

How To Use This Tool

  1. Input the amount of fresh mushroom that you have to dehydrate.
  2. Click Convert to estimate the yield in dried mushrooms.


Why Use This Calculator?

This completely free calculator is the easiest way to quickly calculate how many lbs of dried mushrooms you’ll have after dehydration.

  • Simple and straightforward
  • Estimate your final dried weight
  • Planning production
  • Calculate the wet to dry weight

Converting Wet Mushroom Weight To Dried

The Ratio


The Mathematical Equation

For every 1 lb (16 oz.) of fresh mushrooms you will yield 2.3 oz of dried.

Why This Works

This estimate works to calculate the dried weight for all varieties of mushrooms. Keep in mind it’s an estimate but mushrooms contain typically between 70-90% final water content.

Final Weight Of Dried Mushrooms

The final weight of your dried mushrooms and your specific drying ratio should be noted for future reference. Using this calculator will give you a great starting off point to determine the final weight of your dried mushrooms.

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