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Graffiti Art & Mushrooms

Graffiti Mushroom Art

Nature Lion’s Videos Are For Educational And Entertainment Purposes

Please enjoy the video section which will give you a deeper understanding of how to use our mushroom growing kits. But not only that! You will also find Shyne Coffee shorts, podcast appearances, corporate updates and fun event we have held at our urban mushroom farm.

Learn The Basics Of How To Use A Mushroom Kit At Home

The basic videos on how to use our mushroom growing kits can be found here in the video section. If you would like to see more of our videos – including more advanced mushroom growing techniques. Head to our YouTube Channel and watch to your hearts content.

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Learn To Grow With A Company You Can Trust And See With Full Transparency

Nature Lion is a feel-good story, and we are fully open to showing people the inner workings of our mushroom farm. Unlike other companies – we strive to educate you through videos that show you what is going on with regular monthly updates.

Become A Part Of The Nature Lion Story By Submitting A Video Using Our Products

Are you a YouTube creator in Canada? If so we are looking for you to help us add to our library of educational, and entertaining videos. Please contact us and let’s get the ball rolling with some ideas that we can work on together.

Making videos for Nature Lion can benefit us mutually. With our stellar affiliate program – our creators can earn money for educational videos about Nature Lion’s mushroom growing kits, coffee and other products, events and projects we are working on.

Suggest A Video About Mushrooms

If you have a video idea for us that you would like to see us produce then please get in touch with us. Only catch – the subject is about mushrooms; growing, foraging, cooking, art and events that involve fungi.

Let your imagination run wild with these mushroom centeric videos. But if not, it’s okay. Grab some popcorn, turn down the lights and watch a few of these videos right now.