private labelling by nature lion mushroom farm

Private Labelling Service: Build Your Mushroom Brand

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Let Us Help You Build An Amazing Brand In The Mushroom Space

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private labelling by nature lion mushroom farm

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Whats Regions Do We Serve?


We serve all businesses in Canada who are looking to develop a product line with a focus on mushrooms.


If you’re in the US we can help you get your mushroom brand off the ground and generate more sales.

Private Labelling With Nature Lion's Products

How Nature Lion Can Help Your Brand

Partner with us for your next private label product and we make entering the mushroom space a breeze. We’ve helped other brands (like yours) successfully build their market share.

A Growing Industry With Room For Expansion

One of the reasons why growing a brand in the mushroom space is so hot right now is because it’s an emerging sector. This means there is ample opportunity for companies to enter the space and see revenue growth.

Expand Your Business’ Product Offerings

A secret that’s used by Fortune 500 companies – but also many (smart) small business owners is to use a private labelling service like the one that Nature Lion offers. You can save time, money and effort navigating the complex regulatory framework and just focus on sales.

Increase Your Sales With Margins

Working with us gives you access to our bulk buying network. This network enables us to offer private labelling to you at a price that makes sense. This way you can grow your business – even if your primary focus is wholesale.

Our Qualifications

Canada’s Leading Manufacturer

Safe Food For Canadians License

Registered Importer/Exporter

Successfully Built A Well-Known Mushroom Brand

HACCP Compliant Production Facility