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How Do You Grow Mushrooms?

Easily! With one of our mushroom grow kits you can harvest your own mushrooms at home in just a few weeks. Just cut your mushroom kit open and mist twice a day. That’s really all it takes!

What is Mushroom Powder?

Grown in Canada, and ground by hand our mushroom powders make a great addition to your diet. Add them to your daily smoothies, or brew into a healthy, and powerful elixir.

What About Mushroom Coffee?

Our mushroom coffee tastes nothing like mushrooms! Using only organic ingredients we perfectly blend our recipe which contains a loud (500mg) serving of mushroom extract in every cup.


This week, Andrew from Nature Lion Mushrooms visits the Hot Box virtually to share his thoughts and knowledge around mushrooms and growing your own.

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Lions mane! She’s a growing #watchthemgrow ...

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I was so excited to find this Lions Mane Grow Kit today at the Farmer’s Market 💚 This is my second time growing Lions Mane Mushrooms and they’re my favourite 🍄🦁
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Check out these monsters!
Black Oyster Mushroom Kit from naturelionmushroom
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How to grow mushrooms

Growing mushrooms at home is easy with a Mushroom Grow Kit! All you have to do is mist your growing kit with water a few times per day and within weeks you will be harvesting your own mushrooms to eat.

Complete Growing Kits

Our grow kits come with everything you need to start growing mushrooms at home. And it doesn’t take long to setup – you only need 5 minutes to get your mushroom grow kit up and running.

Grow Mushrooms Fast!

Mushrooms grow very fast and our kits make it easy for you to harvest your mushrooms as soon as possible. Within a few weeks you could be eating your very own homegrown mushrooms. Now that’s fast food!

Mushroom Grow Kits

Made In Canada