Turkey Tail Mushroom Coffee

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Shyne Turkey Tail Coffee

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Mix & Match w/ Chaga Coffee

Coffee, Infused with Turkey Tail Mushrooms (and Cardamom)

This is NOT an alternative to coffee – It’s a healthy version of coffee blended with mushrooms and cardamom to add to your daily ritual. Feel the amazing benefits of turkey tail mushroom coffee taken daily.

The Benefits of Instant Turkey Tail Mushroom Coffee

Healthy, Organic Instant Coffee

Fully Brewed in 30 Seconds

🍄 Infused With Medicinal Mushrooms

☺️ Real Organic Cardamom

🥄Makes 15-20 Servings


500 MG of Turkey Tail Mushroom Extact Per Cup of Coffee

– Strong 500 MG serving size

– A Hint of Cardamom in Every Cup!

– Get More Out of Life

– One Coffee = Daily Dose

– Drink Healthy Coffee

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Product Information
lion's mane coffee

the benefits

🤩 Vitality Enhancer
🧘‍♂️ Stress Relief
🍽 Gut Health
🌟 Antioxidant Rich
🌱 Overall Well-being

upgrade your coffee

Turkey Tail mushroom coffee is a boost to your day. We incorporate turkey tail and delicious, organic coffee — with a hint of cardamom! This blend can be enjoyed as part of your daily routine.

the brain mushroom

Health boost?

Check out this study about how turkey tail can act as immune modulators. Which can help your body recover faster.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Dina B. (Duncan, CA)
Lion's Maine Coffee

Delicious, easy to prepare. After drinking a cup I don't feel jittery like I did with the coffee I used to drink. I get just the right amount of pick me up with a. bonus of a health benefit

Rachel F. (Toronto, CA)
Great coffee to wake up with

I love the lion's mane coffee, it's the perfect way to start a morning.

Dee (Hamilton, CA)
Lions Mane coffee

It is a great starter kit to add your own flavoring to the coffee like cinnamon and cloves. I do find that I am thinking clearer and it makes a great gift.

Ryan M. (Cambridge, CA)
Good stuff

I really enjoy this coffee, my favourite way to prepare it is. I warm up 60/40 milk to water then I froth it and add a shot of espresso.

Mary S. (Toronto, CA)
Great product, cost too high

Loved the coffee but can justify the price! It’s nice for a treat

Colleen L. (Mississauga, CA)
I Tell Friends About It

It’s great remembering where I last put something.

I see people at market and tecognize them

Yup, it was embarrassing but not any more!!

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how to prepare

hot method

Simply add one (1) tbsp. of Shyne Turkey Tail Coffee to a cup (250ml) of hot water, and stir! Afterwards, top with your favourite frothed milk or drink it black.

ice coffee

Add one (1) tbsp. of Shyne Turkey Tail Coffee to 1/4 cup (60ml) of hot water. Stir in the instant coffee until fully dissolved. 

Next, add 1/2 cup (125ml) of cold water and 1/4 cup (60ml) of your favourite milk. Drop in a few ice cubes and serve chilled.

quality ingredients

Your health is our priority, which is why our ingredients are strictly selected for purity and quality.

INGREDIENTS: Organic Instant Coffee (medium roast), cashew milk powder, organic maple sugar, organic turkey tail mushroom extract, organic cardamom powder

pay it forward

Every package sold includes a free act of kindness.

one coffee is given to a random person for every package sold.

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turkey tail mushroom coffee

Turkey Tail Mushroom Coffee

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