Lobster Mushrooms (30g)


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Dive into the vivid hues and robust flavors with our 30g jar of dried lobster mushrooms. Reminiscent of the ocean but born of the forest, each carefully curated fragment promises a taste adventure akin to fresh seafood.


🍄 Robust, seafood-like taste

🍲 Brilliant for risottos, sauces, and seafood dishes

🗓 Preserve the flavor with extended shelf life

💪 A healthful culinary choice, rich in nutrients

🍳 Elevate your culinary creations to gourmet levels


Don’t miss the chance to blend the forest and the sea in your next dish. Infuse your meals with the exceptional taste of dried lobster mushrooms. Order yours now!

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Product Information

shelf life and storage

Dried lobster mushrooms are blessed with an enduring nature. When sheltered correctly, they can retain their unique flavor profile and rich texture for a span of up to two years. This extended period ensures that you can tap into their distinct taste whenever the culinary mood strikes.

Guidelines for Storing:
For optimum preservation of your dried lobster mushrooms, consider these pivotal storage insights:

  • Ambiance: Choose a space that’s cool and devoid of light. Direct exposure to sunlight or warmth can gradually erode their distinct characteristics.
  • Seal Tight: Using an airtight vessel is paramount. This barrier protects the mushrooms from any ambient moisture, preventing potential mold and preserving their premium quality.
  • Ideal Nooks: Position them deep within a pantry or in a kitchen cupboard away from any direct heat. Here, they stay stable, safe from external fluctuations and ready to deliver their best when called upon.

When stored with this dedicated care, dried lobster mushrooms promise to serve as a robust and flavorful cornerstone in your culinary creations for seasons to come.

flavour and umami

Lobster Mushrooms: Dive into Flavor

Bold & Intense:
Dehydration amps up the lobster mushroom’s natural seafood-esque punch. Fresh is good, but dried? That’s a flavor explosion.

Umami Overload:
Savory? Check. Meaty? Absolutely. Dried lobster mushrooms are umami-packed, adding depth and drama to every dish.

When you opt for dried lobster mushrooms, you’re not just cooking; you’re orchestrating a flavor crescendo. Dive in.

culinary use

Star Dishes:
From rustic pastas to gourmet risottos, lobster mushrooms steal the show. Their distinct profile is a chef’s dream, turning good dishes into great ones.

Perfect Partners:
Meats, veggies, spices—lobster mushrooms play well with others. Their nuanced flavors balance out dishes, whether it’s an Asian stir-fry or a Mediterranean delight.

Quick Bites:
Pasta toss-ins, salad toppers, or gourmet sandwich fillers, they’re the quick fix that screams sophistication.

Rich Broths:
Want a soup with depth? Lobster mushrooms are your ticket. They enrich, elevate, and embody flavor.

Dive into the culinary world with lobster mushrooms. It’s not just cooking; it’s a flavor adventure waiting to happen.

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lobster mushrooms

Lobster Mushrooms (30g)

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