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Lion’s Mane Coffee Subscription

$69.00 ..... 2 month supply

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Lion’s Mane Coffee Subscription

The lion’s mane coffee subscription is a great way to enjoy lion’s mane coffee everyday. When you subscribe you’ll get four packs of lion’s mane coffee delivered every two months. That’s enough for a cup of Shyne coffee every, single day!

Subscribing has many benefits. The first being the cost-savings – with our subscription you’ll get 25% off the regular price and FREE shipping!

That’s a savings of $216 per year!

But there’s more…

Subscription Benefits

Save $216 per year

🚚 Free Shipping

🔄 First Month FREE

🌟 Free Lion’s Mane Powder ($20 Value)

🔍 Never Run Out!

Subscribe to our Lion’s Mane Coffee Subscription and infuse variety and wellness into your daily coffee ritual.

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Product Information

Lion’s Mane Coffee is a unique blend of high-quality coffee infused with Lion’s Mane mushroom extract. This combination offers a delicious coffee experience with the added benefits of Lion’s Mane mushrooms, known for their cognitive and health-enhancing properties.

No, Lion’s Mane Coffee retains the rich and full flavor of traditional coffee. The mushroom extract does not alter the taste, ensuring a delightful coffee experience.

Yes, our Lion’s Mane Coffee is vegan-friendly. It contains no animal products and is made with all-natural ingredients.

Each serving contains a carefully measured 500 mg of organic Lion’s Mane extract, optimized for both its health benefits and flavor.

You can purchase Lion’s Mane Coffee directly from our website or select retailers. Check our online store for the latest availability and pricing.

Not Ready To Subscribe?

If you aren’t yet convinced that Shyne Coffee is the best mushroom coffee on the planet, please try us out and see for yourself. A cup of lion’s mane coffee is an impactful way to start your day, and quite honestly… a bold statement.

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