Yucca Extract Wetting Agent


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Do You Love Your Plants? 🌵

Discover the Magic of Yucca Extract Wetting Agent

  • 🚿 Enhanced Foliar Sprays: Helps water stick to leaves, making foliar sprays more effective.
  • 🦟 Natural Pest Repellent: Works as an effective pest deterrent.
  • 💦 Hydration for Soil & Moss: Acts as a wetting agent, perfect for moss poles.
  • 💚 Increased Nutrient Absorption: Boosts nutrient uptake for faster plant growth.

How to Use the Magical Potion

  1. Mix: Combine 0.25ml (1/16 tsp) of yucca extract per liter of water.
  2. Stir or Shake: Mix thoroughly until it gets nice and foamy.
  3. Apply: Spray on leaves and moss, water your plants, or soak your cuttings.

Use with every watering and as needed for foliar applications. This solution is safe and will never burn your plants, even if you use more!

Product Benefits in Detail

Foliar Sprays

Yucca extract wetting agent transforms your foliar sprays. It allows water to coat the entire leaf surface instead of beading off, ensuring even distribution and maximum effectiveness. For the best results, combine it with our Pro-Biotic. This magical potion can also be mixed with essential oils to create a powerful, natural insecticide. Additionally, it boosts your plants’ tolerance to UV and heat stress, helping them thrive in challenging conditions.

Soil and Hydroponics

In soil and hydroponic systems, yucca extract works wonders. It increases water absorption through the roots, enhancing nutrient uptake. It rehydrates hydrophobic growing mediums and prevents them from becoming hydrophobic again. This extract feeds beneficial microbes, balances pH levels, and washes away salt build-up on roots, keeping your soil healthy and free from pathogens.

Seed Treatment

Using yucca extract as a seed treatment (soak seeds in a 10% solution) prevents fungal growth and seed-borne pathogens from harming young plants. It promotes root emergence and enhances overall plant height and development, giving your seedlings the best possible start.

The Essential Plant Lover’s Potion

Our yucca extract contains 50% extract of Yucca Schidigera, rich in saponins (about 10%). Each bottle makes up to 35 gallons of product, providing long-lasting benefits for your plants. Handmade with care, this magical potion has been a staple at Bios for over 8 years, and we can’t imagine our plant care routine without it.

Transform your plant care with the power of yucca extract wetting agent. Your plants will thank you! 🌿

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Product Information

Discover the Power of Yucca Extract Wetting Agent 🌿

natural plant care

Yucca extract wetting agent is the essential solution for plant lovers seeking to enhance their plant care routine. This magical potion helps water stick to leaves, making foliar sprays more effective and ensuring even distribution of nutrients. It also acts as a natural pest repellent and keeps soil and moss hydrated, perfect for moss poles. By increasing nutrient absorption, your plants will grow faster and healthier.

Emily, a dedicated plant enthusiast, shares her experience: “My plants were constantly struggling with dry soil and ineffective sprays. Since using the yucca extract wetting agent, I’ve seen a dramatic improvement. My foliar sprays cover every leaf, pests are a thing of the past, and my plants are thriving like never before. This product is a game-changer!”

Handmade with care, our yucca extract contains 50% extract of Yucca Schidigera and is rich in saponins. Safe for all plants, it makes up to 35 gallons of product, ensuring long-lasting benefits. Transform your plant care routine with the yucca extract wetting agent and see the magic happen. 🌱

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Yucca Extract Wetting Agent

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