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A Delicious Mushroom Coffee Blend

When you drink Shyne Mushroom Coffee you don’t even know you are drinking mushrooms. That’s the reason so many people keep coming back. Discover three tasty blends of the best tasting instant coffee you’ve ever had:

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Mushroom Coffee Reviews

Many 5-Star Reviews

There are many opinions about mushroom coffee, but Shyne stands out from the crowd of flavourless wannabes. Let’s not take our word for it, see what these more than satisfied customers have to say about our mushroom blends.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Dina B. (Duncan, CA)
Lion's Maine Coffee

Delicious, easy to prepare. After drinking a cup I don't feel jittery like I did with the coffee I used to drink. I get just the right amount of pick me up with a. bonus of a health benefit

Rachel F. (Toronto, CA)
Great coffee to wake up with

I love the lion's mane coffee, it's the perfect way to start a morning.

Dee (Hamilton, CA)
Lions Mane coffee

It is a great starter kit to add your own flavoring to the coffee like cinnamon and cloves. I do find that I am thinking clearer and it makes a great gift.

Ryan M. (Cambridge, CA)
Good stuff

I really enjoy this coffee, my favourite way to prepare it is. I warm up 60/40 milk to water then I froth it and add a shot of espresso.

Mary S. (Toronto, CA)
Great product, cost too high

Loved the coffee but can justify the price! It’s nice for a treat

Colleen L. (Mississauga, CA)
I Tell Friends About It

It’s great remembering where I last put something.

I see people at market and tecognize them

Yup, it was embarrassing but not any more!!

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A Brand That Cares

Quality mushroom coffee you can trust 🇨🇦

Shyne mushroom coffee is an organic instant coffee infused with the benefits of mushrooms. Rest assured, our coffee is made and packaged in Canada at the Nature Lion facility in Brantford, Ontario.

High Quality

Made with only the finest ingredients, for maximum effects and the best taste!
shyne mushroom coffee by nature lion inc

Brewing Mushroom Coffee

How to Make it Hot

Step #1 – Heat a cup (250ml) of water until hot.

Step #2 – Add one tablespoon of Shyne Mushroom Coffee to the cup.

Step #3 – Stir well to dissolve.

Step #4 – Enjoy as is, or add frothed milk for a creamier texture.

Optional Step – Get creative with add-ins like cinnamon, honey or cardamom.

Make An Iced Mushroom Coffee Drink:

Step #1 – Add 1 Tbsp. of Shyne Coffee to 50 ml. hot water and stir.

Step #2 – Add 1/4 cup of ice and 1/2 cup of cold water.

Step #3 – Add Your favourite milk, sweetener, and stir it all up!

Step #4 – Drink and Enjoy!

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Is It Good For You?

Does Shyne Coffee Help People?

For this topic we’ll definitely let our customers do the talking. We’ve heard from many enthusiastic individuals about the benefits of mushroom coffee, and here’s what they have to say.

People tell us that the Turkey Tail Blend has significantly helped with their stomach issues. Others have said that they feel more focused and energized when drinking lion’s mane mushroom coffee.

And the Chaga, don’t even get me started on the Chaga. Let’s just say it keeps people coming back for more.

Is It Expensive?

Mushroom coffee is not expensive when you consider the remarkable impact it can have on your life. You really cannot put a price on your health either way. Luckily, Shyne coffee can be purchased as low as $1.15 per cup when you subscribe, and that’s cheaper than going out for a cup of coffee anywhere.

A Popular Choice

With all of the benefits you can get from drinking Shyne, it’s no wonder so many people are drinking it. To date, we’ve sold millions of cups and have helped countless individuals like you. Let us help you find your light with a healthier coffee alternative.

Which Mushroom Coffee is The Best For You?

Do a google search for mushroom coffee and you’ll be faced with many choices. You may be asking which mushroom coffee contains the most active ingredients? That’s the best part about Shyne Coffee, every cup contains 500 mg of a single mushroom extract so you get a significant dose of active ingredients that you can actually feel.

What are the benefits of single mushroom blends like Shyne Makes?

When you spend your money on mushroom coffee, it must deliver some benefits. By focusing on a single mushroom blends, we can maximize the benefits you get.

Why Multi-Blend Mushroom Coffee May Not Be Right For You.

The reason we don’t recommend a multi-blend of different mushrooms is primarily because the mushrooms can have counteracting effects. For example, Reishi mushroom can help you sleep, while cordyceps can give you energy. So why would you want to mix the two? The easy answer is that you want to use specific mushrooms based on your individual needs.

Perfect Coffee For your next camping trip

Enjoy Instant Mushroom Coffee By The Lake or At The Campsite

There are many reasons to drink Shyne but this one is just so perfect. What is the best coffee to bring to the cottage or campsite when you have minimal equipment? Instant coffee is perfect for campers and cottagers alike. You don’t need any special equipment to brew it, just add hot water. It’s that easy to enjoy, just about anywhere.

Energize Your Next Outdoor Adventure

On your next camping trip pack the benefits of mushrooms in your backpack. You will be glad you did, and you will stay energized through the entire excursion, and you’ll be feeling more focused and alert.

shyne coffee camping trip